My day started at 6am as usual and today, I woke up with a vengeance to succeed in making mooncakes (after the husband was caught sharing Weng Wah’s mooncake with dad last night!). not just mooncakes ~ i mean snowskin mooncakes.

Preparing the pandan lotus paste and custard filling was no joke to start with ~ i think i was too adventurous trying a big custard batter. the whisking did my arm no good to boot 5555… and then believe it or not, I couldnt find mooncake moulds in Beijing! ridiculous! not even the market that proclaims it carries everything.. whatever… vengeance, remember? i swear i will use whatever i can find in the house to create impressions.

and then the dough.. oh gosh.. what can i say? i had to throw away 4 test doughs (oh yes.. it was steaming, and cooling, then kneading, throwing, and steaming and cooling again and did i say steaming again?)…. and the kneading… (&#$&^@#(&

oh well, it was nonetheless a great outcome. refreshing, and the coconut milk and pandan proved to be a good marriage. I showed 不务正业的老爸 my bruising right wrist and he went “AIYOH! your mooncake is now full of your “xian”?? (people who understand hokkien will know what this is)… so much sympathy for me..

Pollution index: 105 (unhealthy for sensitive group)

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