I have a phobia for flaky egg tarts ~ yes, because of the crust. I didn’t think i did well the last 2 times i tried it. This time round, I spreaded this over a 2 days project and yes, it became more manageable.

And then! Sod’s law!!! something must go wrong! the pastry was cooked but the custard was still watery. i knew it!!! my eggs were too small I should have added more! the water to egg content was totally off…. grrrrrr… I decided to pull thru the bake at a very lower temperature with a tent over the tarts and yes, they finally came out beautifully 😀

Pollution index: Unhealthy


  • Clara says:

    妳做的酥皮很美, 可否給我食譜? 謝謝

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. Just wondering if you will consider posting this recipe. Thank you.

    • Hi Lauren, as mentioned previously, no intention to update any posts with no recipes since I did not keep all these old recipes. It will not make sense for me to just post a recipe if I haven\’t tried it as well. There are however many recipes out there like these. Just google and you should be able to get pretty good hits.

      Good luck.

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