I cannot remember the last time i made cookies ~ that little easter chick? i’m not really a cookie baker. sis always say my cookies are too big. in that sense, i have to admit i’m not a cool cookie baker.. heh heh. but i do love icebox cookies though ~ easy to shape PROVIDED we hv the right temperature… (&#B(V&&C*…. and it’s really great to decorate.

i have to admit i got impatient shaping this one.. tsk tsk… that is the worst ever for a baker.. no patience. but hey, rolling, chilling, cutting the shapes, and further cutting the shapes after cutting… the eyes.. piping… and further confession ~ i ended up shaping the second tray of cookies as Kiwis! heh heh…

naughty V…

Pollution index: 49 (GOOOOOOODDDDD)


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  • dessy (June 17, 2014)

    for me..you are wonderfull and creative baker i have ever seen…

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