and so I’m back (not from outerspace)…. been away for nearly a month. Tokyo, Singapore wedding, Athens, Silverseas cruise in Mediterranean, Istanbul…  when the plane landed in Beijing, i was somewhat happy… weird… i guess it’s one of those love-hate relationship emotions again and it was a love yst…

couldnt wait to dump all luggages and just bake bake and bake!!! made an easy cake because everytime i’m away for a long time, i return wondering if i forgot how to bake 🙁

this is a good recipe (from Bisous A Toi) except that the sugar needs to be cut down but it’s not a dense pound cake.. the method used is that of a fudgy cupcake mixing method. so it’s really rich and soft if i may say

Hello Beijing! Hellllloo Pollution

pollution index: 185 (unhealthy)

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