gingerbread houseand i thought it will be so romantic if i can build the house from scratch and decorate it with the hubby. When i first toyed the idea with him, he said it will be perfect… when i first baked the house and assembled it together weeks back, he was in Poland.. or i think .. can’t recall. when he came back over the weekend, we went grocery shopping for the candies and that sunday, he was busy with meetings (as usual). after waiting for a few days, i decided it’s best i started the decoration myself… meantime, he told me we should put in some kitkat so they look like logs.. but he said not to buy kitkats in China because they are so expensive. he promised to buy those when he was going to London the next day.

the following week came and past and he came back… no kitkat.. maybe i should say, he bought it and fed it to his tummy when he was in the plane. another week passed… i decided i should speed up with the decoration because it was at all possible to have him sit there cross legged with me, and patiently spreading royal icing on the candies. oh wait.. i should say that he did comment as i decorated whilst he watched DVD,,.. his role turned into a “director’s” role… saying what looked nice and where. I have to admit he tried to put up 2 little yellow skittles to look like light bulbs and when he realised it wasn’t as easy as he thought, he gave up… oh well…

so here you go folks,,, i call this the House of Love, produced by Yours Truly, and directed by Mr. Chia. I pray that in 2013, we will hv a little one to share this House of Love and warmth with us.

See y’all next year.. and with this, Victoria Bakes is closed for the year.

Pollution index: 144 (very unhealthy)

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