pandan kaya cakeI’d always kept a to-bake list… mmm.. maybe the right word to use is to bakes folder.. i mean folderS. But after I got my iPad, i totally forgot about these stack of recipes that I used to take effort to print and file.

This cake is one recipe that had been my to-bakes but after looking at what i need to do, i always shelve it… a bit like “gosh.. so lechey…”… anyway, I have a carton of coconut milk that i need to utilize before leaving for my trip tonight. And so, the best way is to “eat” it. this turned out to be an extremely easy cake to bake ~  a bit like dump and bake… ok, maybe not since it uses the egg separation method but it is really easy. Hubby and coach said it’s yummy… oh well, when two-thirds of the cake has been eaten within 2 hours, I guess it is. Recipe from Bisous A Toi.

Pollution index: 205 (very unhealthy)

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