• I am really impressed by your bakes.

    • Thanks alot angel…. It\’s because of bloggers like you who share personal notes and experience that allot amateurish like us to self learn better! I check your blog everyday btw…. I\’d just been low profile but after what you shared on your recent blog, I needed to give you my thumbs up! Toes up too

  • Hi Victoria,
    I have browsed through your bakes, you are very good baker, and a very prolific one! Do you bake everyday? Keep it up, and dun just post pictures, remember to post recipes!

    • Hello Ms. B, you are very right! i started off as an extremely lazy blogger… i only wanted to post pics and used it just to blog my boring life… i recently publicise my blog and now am thinking on hindsight, i should have written those recipes! point absolutely taken! tks!

      • You can still post up the recipes, why not? I realise that if I don\’t put it down on paper or blog, I tend to forget what I exactly I did, and I can\’t replicate the recipe a second time especially without notes. I suppose if you bake everyday, you will have a gigantic backlog for posting! 🙂

        • hahaha, yeah.. takes one to know the other.. I\’m not an extremely loyal baker, so i tend to try out different recipes. i usually hv my iPad in the kitchen, bake then forget about it. that\’s why it\’s tough for me to post back dated recipes for bakes… there are however, my \”go-to\” recipe for Hong Kong toast, vanilla cupcake, zebra cake, chocolate pound cake, chocolate marble bread and gluten free coconut bread (i.e. made of coconut flour)

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