kopitiam milk bun

today is my last night in Bangkok… i cannot compliment enough on the service excellence of the Mandarin Oriental … simply impeccable.. if i’m to thank everyone of them, i am then guilty of not having paying enough attention to the names…. anyway, to the entire service team at MO Bangkok… you rock…

it seem that half the baking bloggers have contracted the “kopitiam milk bun” virus… i’d made one of these in the past but was tempted to try this recipe as it uses a pre-fermented dough… indeed, the bread stayed soft for a few days (p.s. i do cling wrap it everytime after i slice it as Beijing is a very dry city)

Original recipe adapted and translated from here

Pre-fermented dough
214g bread flour
128g cold milk
2g yeast

Main dough
92g bread flour
12g cold milk
30g egg
1tsp yeast
pinch of salt
60g caster sugar
5g milk powder
7g cocoa powder
45g unsalted butter (softened)

– mix all pre-fermented dough ingredients and knead into dough. Let rise for 4 hours (alternatively, you can choose to rise in the fridge for 14-16 hours)
– mix all main dough ingredients (except butter) and add in pre-fermented dough (pinched into small pieces). Knead till you get a soft dough
。Incorporate butter and knead till you achieve window pane stage and rest dough for 10 mins
– divide dough into 50g dough each and place into a greased baking pan. Let rise till double in size
– bake in preheated oven of 170 degrees C for 18-20mins

Personal notes:
– i divided my dough into a big portion of 480g and baked it in a 450g loaf pan and brushed the top with egg wash (as I did not use a lid), and divided the remaining dough into 4 balls of 30g buns
– thinly slice bread, toast and spread it with a bit of butter and kaya.. serve with soft boiled egg and you have your very own Yxkxx breakfast at home 😀

and i’m going home… finally….



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