2 eggs
100g cake flour
10g milk powder
70g milk
20g salad oil
10g baking powder
25g sugar
25g honey

red bean paste


taiyaki – beat eggs and sugar till frothy. Add honey, milk and salad oil. Mix well
– sift flour, milk powder and baking powder. Add into wet ingredients in few additions and mix till mixture is smooth
– at this point, sieve your mixture to get a smoother mix. I left the batter in the fridge whilst my maker was warming up
– roll red bean paste into a long log (depending on the size of your fish). I used a 6g filling for each paste
– pour batter into piping bag and pipe onto fish mould ~ about 60% full. It’s quite a trial and error here (it “wasted” me 2 fish to get it right)
– with quick hands, place bean paste onto fish and pipe to cover the bean paste
– close the maker and cook till fish has browned

Personal notes:

taiyaki– my maker is an electric waffle maker and took me about 3 mins to cook the taiyaki
– after adding bean paste, do not pipe the entire fish again (only sufficient to cover the bean paste). too much batter will result on the underside being overcooked, and the upperside undercooked. also, the taiyaki will not be spongy

something different for dessert… |ω・)

Pollution index: 156 (unhealthy)



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