cinnamon & raisin bagelthese are my ugliest batch (or i should say one of the) of bagels i’d made… wahahaha… but what more can i ask for when i want some straightforward and easy to make bagels? (^_−)

Ingredients (makes three 9cm big bagels or eight 6cm small bagels)

200g bread flour
1tsp ground cinnamon
3g dry yeast (1tsp)
10g granulated sugar
4g salt
125g water
5g unsalted butter (room temperature)
60g raisins


cinnamon & raisin bagels– in a mixing bowl, mix sugar, salt and water with your hand
– add in flour, cinnamon powder and yeast and mix everything till they come together
– add in butter and knead till dough is soft and no longer stick to bowl
– add in raisins in 3 additions during the last 2 minutes of kneading
– divide dough into equal portions (either 3 big ones or 8 small ones)
– press each dough into a flat disc, fold into half and knead. Repeat this process 2 more times. The dough will start to form a small ball
– place ball onto your palm and shape into a proper dough by turning 90 degrees everytime you turn the ball
– place dough seam side down and rest for 10 mins
– after resting, flatten dough with your palm. Press out as much air as you can
– fold dough like an envelope, i.e. into thirds. First top down towards centre of circle, and then fold bottom up towards centre. Flatten and ensure you get the air out
– roll dough like a swiss roll, working from the point nearest to your, and rolling outwards. Ensure you roll tightly
– roll dough with both palms into a 20cm rope for big bagels, or 15cm rope for small bagels
– flatten left hand end of bagel (the length of the flatten portion should take up 4 cm of the rope for big bagels and 3cm for small bagels). roll the other end of the bagel towards the left side and wrap flatten portion around the right tip of bagel
– place shaped bagels on small pieces of parchment paper
– rest for 20 mins
– meantime, heat a pot of water in a 20-26cm pot with 3 tbsp of sugar. Once water boils, place bagels TOGETHER WITH PARCHMENT PAPER into the pot. The paper will slip out by itself easily
– boil each side of bagel for 30 seconds and place on a fresh piece of parchment paper
– bake in preheated oven of 210 degrees for 25 mins for big bagels or 17-18 mins for small bagels

Personal notes:

cinnamon & raisin bagels– i used trehalose in place of sugar
– i boiled each side of the bagel for 2 mins
– bagels were baked for 25 mins

cinnamon & raisin bagels

Pollution index: 132 (lightly polluted)


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