IMG_6462i haven’t made a toast for a long time and when Aunty Young posted this, it totally attracted me because i have also long heard about Wu Pao-Chun (hop over to Aunty Young’s site for more information on him)…. so how can i not try out his champion toast recipe *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡

Recipe adapted from Aunty Young


IMG_6477High protein flour: 300g
Sugar: 24g
Salt: 5.4g or 1 tsp
Unsalted butter: 15g
Instant dry yeast: 3g or 3/4 tsp
Milk: 198g


IMG_6473– Mix all ingredients (except butter) into a dough using low speed, then use medium speed to knead it into a shiny and smooth texture
– Add in the unsalted butter, then knead it using medium speed until it forms dough that can be stretched into a thin, translucent membrane
– Proof the dough for about 60 minutes
– Divide dough into 3 equal balls, then allow to rest for another 10 minutes
– Flatten the dough into a rectangle shape and roll it up . Rest it for 10 minutes
– Repeat step no. 5 to the rolled up dough, then place it on the baking tray and go for final proofing for another 50 minutes
– Bake in a preheated oven at 190°C for 30 – 35 minutes

IMG_6476* CCM also commented that the quantity of liquid can be adjusted according to the absorbing ability of your flour. also, the toast tends to taste a little salty, so adjust the salt to suit personal preference

Personal notes:

IMG_6464– the temperature of my kitchen was 24 degrees C when i was proceeding with the first proof. i had to proof it for 3 hours. 2nd proofing was done in the hall where the temperature was even lower, probably 22 degrees C. it took 4.5 hours to rise to the desired height in my loaf pan (i.e. 80% full)
– i baked the bread for 25 mins in 170 degrees C oven
– i found the saltiness just nice for me (actually you can hardly taste it ~ i use organic fine sea salt)
– this bread keeps very well ~ it was still very soft on the second day (considering beijing is a very dry city)

IMG_6469hubby’s breakfast kaya toast 웃+웃=❤
definitely a keeper for a direct method toast ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

Pollution index:  70 (good)


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