IMG_6588ok… having deviated from my to-bake list, i’m back to it.. now what’s next… blueberry muffins… (๑・ω-)~♥”… and so, how can i not try this? near to 7 thousand people rave about this recipe…. excited excited *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

Recipe adapted from

Ingredients (makes 8 large muffins )

IMG_65891 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 egg
1/3 cup milk
1 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 cup white sugar (sprinkle onto muffin top before baking. i omitted as it’s too sweet)

食材(可做 8个大马芬)

面粉 1 1/2量杯
糖 3/4量杯
盐 1/2小匙
泡打粉 2小匙
素油 1/3量杯
鸡蛋 1颗
牛奶 1/3量杯
新鲜蓝莓 1量杯
糖 1/2量杯(烘焙前撒到蓝莓顶部。我免了~太甜!)


IMG_6590 – Preheat oven to 200 degrees C.  Grease muffin tray or line with muffin liners
烤箱预热至 200摄氏度。马芬烤盘抹油或铺上纸杯托

– Combine flour, sugar (3/4 cup), salt and baking powder

– Place vegetable oil into a 1 cup measuring cup; add the egg and enough milk to fill the cup. Mix this with flour mixture and fold in blueberries
素油放入1个量杯中,加入足够的蛋液和牛奶。份量应满 一量杯。将其拌入粉类食材在将蓝莓翻拌入面糊

– Fill muffin cups right to the top. sprinkle 1/2 cup white sugar onto muffin before baking
面糊倒入马芬烤盘或杯托至满,最后撒上 1/2量杯白糖

– Bake for 20 to 25 minutes in the preheated oven, or until done
送入烤箱烤 20-25分钟或烤熟即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6591– my modifications to the ingredients: i used 1/3 cup of white sugar, coconut oil instead of oil (it was soooo good!), and followed what reviewers recommended by adding vanilla extract, and buttermilk (instead of milk). i added about 1 tsp of vanilla extract to the egg, beat it up slightly and let it sit whilst preparing out ingredients. some people use frozen blueberries so it can withstand the high temperature of baking and that it will not sink to the base. i used fresh blueberries ~ i did not have a problem with the berries sinking and i like my berries to bleed a lot in the muffins ♡o。(๑๏‿ฺ๏๑)。o♡
食材上的调整:我用了 1/3量杯糖;素油以椰子油替代(香哦!)、并(跟风)加入了香草精及以酪乳替代牛奶。在打散的鸡蛋加入 1小匙,略打散后待用。有些读者说用冰冻蓝莓可承受高温烘焙并避免蓝莓往底部沉淀。我用了新鲜蓝莓,并没出现沉淀问题

– to make mushroom top muffins, preheat oven to 240 degrees C. Make sure you fill batter to the brim of the muffin cup! once muffins are in the oven, turn oven temperature down to 220 degrees C and bake for 10 mins. then turn the temperature down to 200 degrees to complete the rest of the baking time. i also filled one of the empty muffin hole with water (to prevent the baking sheet from warping)
制做蘑菇头马芬,烤箱预热至 240摄氏度。面糊一定要倒至纸拖的顶部。送入烤箱后,降温至 220摄氏度烤 10分钟。后再次降温至 200摄氏度继续烤至熟。我也在其中一个空洞的马芬杯里加入水(可避免烤盘在高温烘焙时变形)

– i baked my muffins for 31 mins (10 mins 220 degrees C and 21 mins thereafter on 200 degrees, tenting them towards the end of baking)
我的马芬烤了 31分钟(220摄氏度 10分钟、200摄氏度 21分钟,后盖上锡纸烤至熟)

– the reason for the longer baking time is because i made 4 jumbo mushroom top muffins and this is a very good batter for that purpose (you need thick batter)
因做了 4个超大蘑菇头马芬,所以烘焙时间较长。制做蘑菇头马芬的窍门在于面糊必须特别浓稠

– another tip to get domed muffins is to ensure you do not grease the muffin pan entirely. you will only want to grease the bottom, and half way up the muffin hole. otherwise, use a liner. I used liners
另一个制做蘑菇头马芬的窍门~ 马芬烤盘不要完全抹油。只需在底部和马芬烤盘一半的高度抹上油即可。我就直接用了杯托

– this is a very good muffin base.. it is very versatile ~ feel free to use different fruits, or even chocolate chips for this recipe

IMG_6586my breakfast muffins as i rush to the airport at 6am this morning…  ◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞♡⃛◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞

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  • Greenamy Tan (April 7, 2014)

    Hi Victoria,
    Do you mind providing the ingredients measurements in grams & ml please?

    • Victoria Bakes (April 7, 2014)

      Hello Greenamy, nice to see you again. i attach herewith a link that i have used all the time. please note that i use Gold Medal all purpose enriched, bleached, pre-sifted flour.

      • Greenamy Tan (April 8, 2014)

        Thank you victoria. Will do my conversion homework. Never heard of the flour you used. I most prob have to use my good old normal plain flour.

      • Cl (October 18, 2015)

        May I know if u have a ingredients measurment in gram ? Thank you very much.

        • Victoria Bakes (October 18, 2015)

          Hi, not for this. As the original recipe weighs in measuring cups, i did the same

  • moon (April 7, 2014)


  • Winnie (April 7, 2014)

    These muffins look FANTASTIC !!

  • Rumbling Tummy (April 7, 2014)

    does the coconut oil gives off a strong taste as like coconut milk?

    • Victoria Bakes (April 7, 2014)

      Hi Edith, yes the oil does have a strong coconut aroma. So I suggest using vege oil if it doesn\’t suit personal preference although coconut and blueberry goes well together

  • Ann Low (April 7, 2014)

    Mmmm… I love blueberry muffin and must bookmark this recipe for sure 🙂 Look so delicious!

  • Qi Qi in the house (April 7, 2014)


  • Estherlau (Copycake Kitchen) (April 7, 2014)

    Ya lor, so popular muffin, I must try one day! Thanks Victoria 😉

  • 婉婉下午茶 (April 8, 2014)

    你的蓝莓马芬太美了!尤其是那Mushroom top!还有那鲜蓝莓,真让人垂涎三尺!谢谢分享!

  • Mel (April 8, 2014)

    I love blueberries muffin; eventhough I have tried few recipes before but Im sure I will definitely love this too.

  • May Law (April 8, 2014)

    这么赞的蛋糕, 我都流口水了也!

  • Chris (April 8, 2014)

    Oooo these muffins look awesome!

  • Zoe (April 8, 2014)

    Hi Victoria,

    Are you the 7001st person raving for these muffins? – LOL! I can clearly see why!!!

    About your question about the Nigella\’s chocolate orange cake… To me, I would say this recipe is a must bake and I wonder if there is 7000 people raving for this Nigella\’s cake :p


  • Jessie Ng (April 8, 2014)

    Wow, 7000 likes for this recipe, don\’t play play ah! Can I also have 1 to try on please? Oh, by the way, I still have 2 mixed berries muffins at home now, baked them yesterday. May be we can exchange.

  • Baby Sumo (April 8, 2014)

    Victoria, since you also raved about this muffin I gotta try it. My son\’s fav fruit is blueberry….

  • Rachel (October 19, 2015)

    Looks great

  • Eileen (October 20, 2015)

    Hi Victoria, so glad I managed to make the dome shape! I realised the recipe has 2 groups of sugar used. I only used the 3/4 cup one. What is the other 1/2 cup sugar used for?

    • Victoria Bakes (October 21, 2015)

      Hey Eileen, thanks for pointing that out. you are right to use only 3/4 cup of it. i should have indicated next to the other 1/2 cup that it was meant for sprinkling on the muffin top before baking (which i have included now). i omitted that as looking at the recipe in itself was a tad too sweet :). thanks for trying it out and great to hear about your dome shaped muffin!

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