IMG_7218extremely highly-recommended… stays soft even after 5 days
强力推荐 ~ 5天后还软绵绵的变态吐司

UPDATE (1 July 2014): thanks to everyone’s support on this toast and i understand many has also made this. i like to recommend at this point, to use very strong bread flour for this recipe (i used waitrose canadian & very strong white bread flour ~ protein is 15g per 100g of flour). this will not require you to add additional flour when attempting to shape the dough as adding more flour than necessary (except for dusting purposes) WILL affect the texture of the bread
更新 (01.07.2014):感谢大家对这吐司的支持与兴趣 ~ 也获知好多网友已试着做这吐司。我建议您用(非常)高筋面粉 (我用的是 waitrose 牌,加拿大非常高筋面粉 ~ 蛋白质含量每100克为15克!)。 如此,您就不需要在整形时添加更多面粉 (一点手粉OK),因为添加面粉会影响面质哈

Recipe adapted & translated from 凌尒尒

Ingredients (makes two 450g loaf)

500g high protein flour
325g water
10g salt
5g instant dry yeast
25g milk powder
20g sugar
100g milk
60g butter
35g toasted sesame seeds (black + white)

IMG_7210食材 (可做2个450克吐司模)

高筋面粉 500克
水 325克
盐 10克
酵母 5克
奶粉 25克
糖 20克
牛奶 100克
黄油 60克


IMG_7219– mix all ingredients together (except butter and sesame seeds) and knead till dough comes together and you can pull out thick strands. it will not be a silky dough (so don’t worry)

– knead in butter till well incorporated and till you achieve window pane stage

– add in sesame seeds and knead well. leave in a deep mixer bowl and allow to rise till 2x the original size

– after first rising, punch dough down and divide into 6 equal portions

– shape into ball, and cover with cling wrap. rest for 15 mins

– roll dough out into an oval shape and swiss roll it. rest for 15 mins again

– roll dough out into oval shape again, swiss roll and place into loaf pan

– allow dough to proof till it occupies nearly 80% of the pan’s height

– bake in preheated oven of 220 degrees C for 45 mins

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7217– i halved the recipe and used trehalose instead of sugar

IMG_7213simple breakfast … homemade toast & decaf cappuccino

I’m linking this post to the event Little Thumbs Up (June 2014 Event: Butter) organised by Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids) and Mui Mui (My Little Favourite DIY) and hosted by Jozelyn Ng (Spice Up My Kitchen)

little thumbs up

Pollution index: 155 (unhealthy)


  • Mel says:

    Oh, really? Stay soft even after 5 days? Then I really got to try this out. I usually take days to finish a loaf and it is good to bake our own bread ourselves instead of those commercially made bread loaf. Thank you for sharing and bookmarked already!!

    • yes mel mel! i call this the king of all toast.. my hubby is so in love with this.. gonna be my to-go for toast now… just cling wrap properly to store. the cross section picture above was taken 3 days after it was baked… all soo good

  • Wow, such good feeback from you, I MUST MUST try! Bookmarked! Thank you dear!

  • Ann Low says:

    I\’ve been seeing so many breads lately baked by all the experts like you. Your bread looks pretty and soft. Any leftover? 😀

  • Tze says:

    really stay soft even up to 5 days?! must bookmarked this bread recipe! your bread texture looks awesome!

    • hey Tze! yes! 5 days! actually by 7th day, it was still so soft… the cross section pic was taken on day 3…. i really love this one… but do remember good storage is impt

  • Grace says:

    The sentence \”stay soft after 5 days\” catch my attention. I feel like knock off from work now and rush home to start baking this. Haha..
    I guess the high water content makes the bread\’s texture soft!

  • Kelly says:

    Hi, can i check if i using the breadmachine can this recipe be used or i need to use hands?

    • hi, this dough is really quite sticky due to the high hydration. you can try using BM to knead (adding butter last only after you get a rough dough). i will suggest if you can, to use very strong white flour for this recipe

  • Ying says:

    Hi Victoria,

    I\’m so excited to try out this recipe the moment I saw that it stays soft after 5 days!! Have bookmarked.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • kitchen flavours says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Wow, that is one soft fluffy loaf! And stays soft after 5 days! Great! I love eating breads like this with a spread of salted butter. And a mug of Kopi-O! 🙂

  • Angie Ng says:


  • Veronica says:

    Stayed soft for 5 days?! Die die must try this bread ;D. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Susanne Ng says:

    Wow it sounds so good!! I have bookmarked this too! Thanks for sharing Victoria! 🙂

  • Fion@轩宏妈 says:


  • 0620 says:

    做么要给人家叫—-〉变态吐司 哈哈
    不软,才怪…. 还不能手揉的咧 XD

  • MummyOf2Devilangles says:

    Hi, I\’ve never baked bread before.. Your post really caught me.. I want to try but can I change the milk powder to others? If can, what can I change with? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Hi try unsweetened pure almond powder, coconut milk powder, rice milk powder, potato milk powder or soy milk powder.

      • MummyOf2Devilangles says:

        Thanks for kind reply… But all these ingredients seem kinda hard to find :p
        Another question, can I don\’t add the milk powder? If can, any adjustment to the recipe? Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the help 🙂

      • Hi ~ no worries about the question ~ yes, up the milk, and reduce water and add an egg. 200g milk, 125g water, 50g egg. i just made something like that but have yet to write the post 🙂

      • MummyOf2Devilangles says:

        okie.. Will give it a go.. Thanks alot 🙂 u have been a great a help.

  • eileen says:


  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • Mimi Bakery House says:

    Wooooo….looks very fluffy…can do bouncing!!!

    ♡ the great bread texture!!! Mmmm….prob will make tis into buns instead of loaves for the 3 hamsters…

    • Bounding is the word Charmaine… I look forward to your buns though… I wanted to make into buns but it is such a soft though I thought I needed some wall to climb against to get the structure

  • Hi Victoria, I have tried a very soft toast recipe too recently, can last for 3 days. Yours is even better 5 days huh! I like to bookmarked this recipe too 🙂

    • Hey Esther, yeah, this is so unreal… When I posted the bread, it was already one week but the toast was still heavenly soft. Do remember to store well and depending on humidity of your storage area, it should keep well. Otherwise, I still am sure it is soft though it may have turned moldy 😉

  • May Law says:

    又是一个值得收藏的食谱, 看看要快快干掉它了, 可以收藏5天。。真是太赞了!
    亲啊, 怎么你的贴上的新帖子, 每次都是迟几个小时才出现在我家的?

    • 亲,我也郁闷。。。其实已经发觉一阵子啦。。。就是wordpress 和 blogspot 的问题。。你们家的好东西,都是过一会儿才在我家出现。。。

  • Hilda says:

    Hi, do you think this bread can be done using breadmaker? – Hilda

    • Hi Hilda, go ahead and use the BM to help with the kneading especially as it is an extremely sticky dough to handle. Add in all ingredients except butter and only butter after about nine mins of kneading or when you achieve a rough dough that comes together.

  • lena says:

    highly recommended? ok..ok…will put in my URGENT to bake list! hahaha!

  • yvonne says:

    Hi Victoria,
    I just started baking. Yr recipe really catch me. I am going to try. Do you need to egg wash the bread before baking? N brush with butter when almost done?

  • Jozelyn Ng says:

    Victoria, thanks for your continuous support in the LTU event! your loaf looks super soft to me, may I have 2 slice for breakfast?

  • extremely highly recommend wow then must try!

  • Zoe says:

    Hi Victoria,

    With no hesitation, I have clicked the \”print\” button! ha ha ha…

    Hope to bake this bread soon 😀


  • 5 days still soft, this I got to try but first let me get my hand on the VERY high protein flour first. Thanks for sharing my baking shi fu!

  • Doreen/mui says:

    Hi Vic,
    Anymore left??
    I must bake this too.

  • Lim Hwee Ling says:

    May I know where did u get the very high protein flour?

  • Samantha says:

    Can i place all in and let the breadmaker knead and bake this instead of baking it separately in the oven?

    • Samantha, u can, I know of some people who totally let the BM do the job. It bakes up well. Only downside is, all of them reported a slightly sunken centre. Otherwise, the texture was still good

      • Rachee-O says:

        Dear Victoria,
        Thanks for stopping by at my site. So far, I have used the BM to make this bread and the only one that is slightly sunken is the sesame seed version. I am really happy with today\’s bread which I substitute the sesame seeds with rolled oats and flaxseed. It was well risen, like what you saw on my site. I still can\’t figure out why still. Going to experiment a little more. 🙂

  • Yong says:

    will the texture still the same between bake in bm and oven?

    • Hi Yong, i did not try in the BM myself but from some FB friends, they mentioned it stayed soft, though they did not say if it stayed soft for as long as mine. but i believe it should be the same

      • Yong says:

        It\’s can\’t become a dough, it is too wet. I follow exactly your measurement, what it\’s the cause?

        • Hi Yong, ok it\’s normal. mine was very sticky but it was not batter like. what flour did you use? bread flour or very strong bread flour? when i first made my first loaf, i used normal bread flour. it was so wet i couldn\’t get it together. then i changed to very strong bread flour and it worked well for me without having to add additional flour.

          different flour have different water absorption ability ~ if adding a couple more tablespoon of flour helps, do that but it should not be by cups of flour. then the recipe is totally out. some FB friends used bread flour and though mentioned they find it sticky, they could still take it out from their BM with slightly greased hands, give it a few more knead to rise and bake in the oven. are you able to do this or was it a totally wet batter for you?

  • Yong, if you can get your hands on very strong bread flour, do give it a try. if you are going to use your current flour, try adding a couple more tbsp flour during the initial mixing period. usually during the first mixing (by 5 or 6 mins of mixing), you can tell if the dough is going to come together. add some flour gauging by eye, stop till it manages to come together but still sticks at the side of the mixing bowl before adding butter. check out the picture on this link again (which is the source of the original recipe). look at the picture on the top row, first and second from the left. you can see it\’s still sticky, not wet. that is the stage you want. then add in the butter and knead till it is smooth (it will still be somewhat sticky but you should be able to move the whole dough with greased palms). i hope this helps..

  • Diana Sing says:

    Where can I get very strong bread flour?

    • Hi Diana, I presume you stay in Singapore? I don\’t reside there, but have bought it in Market place, and Bake King. I believe it is easily available. The brand I use is Allison. Waitrose brand flour by far (can\’t remember where I bought it) has the highest protein level I bought.

      Hope this helps.

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria I am hoping to make this but quite worried about the wetness of dough. I can only use bread flour. The temp for this bread is quite high. Did u have to tent it halfway?? Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  • joey says:

    few qns here.
    juz wondering anyone tried it wifout milk meaning using only water instead? I dun ve milk avail sometimes. Or can i juz use water wif milk pdr to get the 100g milk portion?

    2. To Add green tea pdr or other flavours, hw much to add?
    Any kind soul can advise me? N tk u for the patience.

    • Hi Joey, feel free to replace with water, though it makes the bread less fragrant. You can also use water with milk powder so long you get a similar 100g milk consistency. On addition or green tea powder, I personally will use probably 5-6g green tea powder. If you are referring to addition of paste or jam like Nutella, then you will have to gauge as you knead as this is quite a difficult dough to knead already. For many, it tends to be sticky. Apologies, can\’t advise much on \”other additions\” in this case as I hv yet to try it myself.

  • Hazel says:

    Hi. May I ask if the dough before first proof is supposed to be very sticky ? I used like only 250 g of water and it was already very sticky. In fear, I added a bit more flour to eventually get a smooth ball. I am waiting to complete the second proof now. Thks.

    • Hi Hazel, you should be able to handle the dough with slightly greased palms. having said that, different flour has different water absorbing ability. so it should be ok adding a bit more flour, but definitely not a lot more. you may want to refer to the link where i adapted this recipe from ~ a picture of the first proof dough is shown (see above the ingredients). you should get a smooth dough for first proof.

      hope this helps

  • Hazel says:

    Thks so much! It worked. Texture looks great. Will have it for tea later. For those using origins organic hi protein flour please add the water as you go. You shouldn\’t need beyond 260g I think.

  • Wen says:

    Hi, can you teach me how do you store the bread?

    • Hi, as i reside in beijing, it is very dry. U may not need to go to my extend, but fyi, i cling wrap it, put in zip lock bag and into a bread storage bag (bought in UK) which helps to keep bread fresh.

  • Sara says:

    Hi Victoria, I made the bread after following you recipe. My dough turned out very well and it was extremely soft and flexible. However, I think i had an issue with the temperature. According to the recipe I should have used 220 Celcius for 45 minutes. I did this and the crust turned out very dark and hard while the inside was very soft. It turned out very different from the bread in your photos. What do you think I did wrong? Should I bake for a shorter time or use a lower temperature. I am cooking with a non-convection oven and the temperature is pretty accurate as far as I know. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sara, when you say non convection, do you mean your oven (or toaster oven?) has only one coil (or two) from beneath your baking rack? If so, it means the heating is not evenly dispersed around the oven and your bake usually gets browned very easily I.e. There are still hot and cold spots in the oven. I don\’t have much experience with this kind of oven but will probably rotate the bread pan more often, and tenting it with foil. If your loaf tends to brown at the bottom very quickly, consider placing bread pan on top of a baking sheet with a couple pieces of foil. Personally, I will not reduce temperature (shorter time, probably) since this loaf is very hydrated, you may end up baking a longer time and still having the same problem.

      If you are trying this loaf again, you may like to check the internal temperature of the loaf by the 30th min of baking. Loaf is ready when thermometer reads 96 degrees C

      Hope this helps.

  • madeline says:

    Hi Victoria..
    I trying out this bread bow but noticed that the temp used is quite high… normally i use 150-160C to bake bread coz my oven temp is on the high side (i using Cornell brand oven)…. shud i stick to my oven temp or use the temp u give?

    • Hi Madeline, is yours a fan force? 220 indicated in this recipe is non fan force. I usually bake bread using 180 but stuck to this 220 as it is very hydrated. You can stick to your usual temperature if that makes you more comfortable but baking time will need to be adjusted

  • Casey says:

    Hi, halve the recipe means all the ingredients I divide by 2?
    Sorry for the noob que 😅

  • Huei Ling says:

    hello!! i tried your recipe yesterday. i halved the recipe since i only wanted 1 loaf. and it turned out to be quite salty to taste as i put in 5g of salt for 1 loaf. is it normal for this recipe to taste slightly salty?

    • Victoria says:

      Hi, very slight salt taste and almost negligee (I haven’t heard anyone feedback that it’s quite salty) but it shouldn’t be quite salty. You are using normal salt not crystal salt right?

  • Melissa Chin says:

    Hi! The recipe looks nice. I gave it a try and the dough is too wet. I followed the measurements and weighing all just that I halve it. Need to add some more flour due to the Dough is too wet to handle. Is it normal? Haha..

    • Victoria says:

      It is not right to add more flour as by doing so it topples the 85% hydration factor. But it is normal you have such a situation because I realised the success to this bread is quite dependable on the kind of flour you use. You will need to use another flour that absorbs liquid more efficiently

  • Melissa Chin says:

    I am using bread flour. The bread is looking good and baking in the oven now. The texture, is it similar with tang zhong breads? Hmmm.. Maybe I’ll try again without adding flour and see if there’s any difference. 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      I am sure you are using Bread flour but diff bread flour has diff protein level and liquid absorption capability, a point which I strongly emphasize in my blog when making bread. If your dough is wet, by not adding flour, your dough will not rise beautifully. You will end up with a dense bake. Please refer to my notes above on the kind of flour I use. Hope this helps

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