…. It is 3am… And I’m blogging in the airport lounge with a massive headache as I await my onward flight from Munich to São Paulo.. I am not a football fan… And I cannot help but ask myself why I’m doing this. But when I turn and see the man sitting on my left, I remembered it is one of the items in his bucket list, so yes, I’m here… Are you checking off your bucket list with your hubby? 😉

。。。。凌晨3点钟。。。头在晕。。目在眩。。写错字,请谅解。。。等着值机,由慕尼黑飞往巴西观看世界杯。。。不爱足球的我跟着这帮家伙一块儿疯。。不时问自己。。。why.。。。why am I doing this。。。在看看似乎找回童真的老小孩,突然发觉that’s why…就是你。。老公,你的遗愿清单,我要跟您一起完成,所以我来了。。。

Recipe adapted & translated from Veronica’s Kitchen

Ingredients (makes an 8″ chiffon cake)
* green fonts indicate my modifications

Ingredients A:
2 tbsp of dried Osmanthus (i used 3 tbsp)
80 ml hot water
1 tbsp oligose  (I used organic coconut flower sugar)
120 g egg yolk
35 g cane sugar
1/3 tsp salt
160g low protein flour
1 tsp baking powder (omitted)
70g grapeseed oil (i used organic coconut oil)

Ingredients B:
240g egg white
150g cane sugar (i used 127g)
1 tsp fruit vinegar (omitted)

IMG_7254食材 (可做一个8寸戚风蛋糕)

食材 A
干桂花 2大匙 (我用了3大匙)
热水 80毫升
寡糖 1大匙(我用了有机椰子花糖)
蛋黄 120克
蔗糖 35克
盐 1/3 小匙
低筋粉 160克
泡打粉 1小匙 (我没用)
葡萄籽油 (我用了有机椰子油)

食材 B
蛋白 240克
蔗糖 150克 (我用了127克)
果醋 1小匙 (我没用)


IMG_7256– Add hot water into osmantus.  Leave to cool

– Combine sugar and egg yolk, beat till foamy.  Add osmanthus tea (with flower), flour and baking powder, salt , mix till well combined.  Pour in oil and mix well
蛋黄和糖打至发泡。加入桂花水 (连花一起加入)、面粉、泡打粉、盐,拌匀。拌入油

–  In a grease free mixing bowl, beat egg white and sugar, lemon juice till stiff peaks form but not dry.  Add egg yolk mixture into egg white meringue in 2 to 3 batches
另一个容器中将蛋白、糖和柠檬汁打至硬性状态 (但不是打至干性)。将蛋黄糊分次(2-3次)加入于蛋白霜。翻拌均匀

– Pour batter into an 8″ chiffon cake pan and bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg C for 50 minutes until cooked. Remove from the oven and invert baking pan immediately. Let it cools completely, use a plastic knife to run  around the side of the baking pan

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7259– my cake was baked for 44 mins

IMG_7253the fresh and sweet fragrance from the osmanthus makes this a light cake for afternoon tea
˓˓(ृ  ु ॑꒳’)ु(ृ’꒳ ॑ ृ )ु˒˒˒

Pollution index: no idea… Lookin’ good in Munich

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