IMG_7481why is it called japanese hotel bread? well, simply because the ones served in japan hotels are that soft and fluffy…
there have been many of this bread recipes floating on the net.. but i guess this is one of the authentic ones
在网上看过特多hotel bread 的食谱。。想必,这个应该是较地道的哈
( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣

Recipe adapted & translated from Cookpad

* i made 2x the recipe quantity, and baked my bread in a 450g loaf pan

100g (50%) super strong bread flour
100g (50%) bread flour
2g (0.9%) instant dry yeast
26g (13%) white sugar * i used trehalose
4g (2%) salt
20g (10%) egg yolk
10g (5%) clarified butter *i used normal unsalted butter
134g (67%) milk (not low fat or skim milk)


IMG_7474特强面包粉 100克 (50%)
面包粉 100克 (50%)
干酵母 2克 (0.9%)
白糖 26克 (13%) *我用了海藻糖
盐 4克 (2%)
蛋黄 20克 (10%)
发酵黄油 10克 (5%)*我用了普通无盐黄油)
牛奶 134克 (67%)(不可用低脂或脱脂奶)


IMG_7479– mix flour, yeast, egg yolk, sugar and salt with warmed milk (35 degrees C) in bread machine

– knead for about 13-15 mins in machine till dough is smooth

– add in butter and continue to knead for 15 mins till you get window pane stage

– shape dough into a ball and rise till it is 2.5x the original size, around 90 mins at room temperature of 30 degrees C
面团搓成圆形,发酵至2.5倍大 (30摄氏度室温内发酵约90分钟)

– after first rise, punch dough down and fold into thirds for 2 times. allow to rise to about 2.5x once again, around 40 mins at 30 degrees C
一次发酵完毕后,将面团排气,将其三折两次。休面至2.5倍大 (30摄氏度室温内发酵约40分钟)

– sprinkle table top with flour, and punch dough down, divide into 3 equal portions and roll each portion up. cover with wet cloth and allow dough to rest for 30 mins

– roll each dough portion out with rolling pin to remove gas, and roll it up once again. this time, swiss roll it tightly

– place rolled dough into greased loaf pan, and press top of dough down firmly to adjust the shape. cover with wet cloth and allow to rise for 60-80 mins at 40 degrees C
将卷起后的面团码到抹上黄油的烤盘里,在面团顶部稍微压一压以便整形。盖上湿布后,以40摄氏度室温进行最后发酵,约 60-80分钟

– rise dough till it is 2cm from top of pan. preheat oven to 200 degrees C

– slit the top of the loaves and place chilled solid fat into the slits *solid fat = unsalted butter/margarine. you can also use shortening

– reduce oven temperature to 180 degrees for 5 mins, then bake bread at 160 degrees for 20 mins. it will rise up nicely with a soft crust
将烤箱温度调至180摄氏度约5分钟后,将面包送入烤箱,以160摄氏度烤20 分种即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7467– i made this loaf 3x, and advice is: please reserve about 20% of milk and add carefully as this is a very very wet batter!

– the loaf somehow does not rise very high, so do consider making twice the recipe like me if you want to use a 450g loaf pan

– i baked the loaf for 40 mins in 180 degrees C


Pollution index: 43 (excellent)

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  • May Law says:

    我无需住酒店了, 来亲亲的家就有酒店面包吃了, 嘻嘻!
    这面包好软细腻, 真的好赞好赞叻!

  • eileen says:

    好有水准的面包,果然是hotel 级的,赞!

  • Mel says:

    The name Japanese hotel bread already lifts up to its name….if it could given this name, already knew it should be a 5 star bread. So soft in texture.

  • Grace says:

    Tempted to try, look at the texture, so soft….
    I am still searching for Super Strong Bread Flour in SG.
    Wanna to to try your Sesame Toast recipe too 🙂

  • 婉婉下午茶 says:

    你的手艺简直ichiban ne!!好想吃哦~

  • Mimi Bakery House says:

    Looks so great…my gals are now done with bread… I wondered what\’s next for them… How I wish I can have a slice of your Japanese Hotel Bread…

  • Cass says:


  • Ann Low says:

    Looks like a perfect bread, soft and light 🙂

  • lena says:

    hi victoria, what is the protein level for super strong bread flour that you were using? looks wonderful this loaf of yours.

    • hello lena, the protein level of the bread flours in my kitchen are as such: gold medal better for bread: 12.5% and allison very strong bread flour ~ 13.9g. i remembered using one which was 14.9% but can\’t remember the brand unfortunately :S

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria thanks for your prompt response on my earlier queries. Can I replace super strong flour with bread flour. I can get gold medal bread flour I think
    What about the texture if I use all bread flour
    Thanks for being so patient
    Will update u once I tried out the recipies

    • Hi Chloe, yes, u definitely can use bread flour and in entirety. I will say monitor the amount of water that you add i.e. reserve some water instead of adding all at a go. Then add as needed

      I hvnt tried using all bread flour for this but i am pretty sure it will lack this soft element in it. don\’t get me wrong ~ it will still be fluffy i believe, but this bread when incorporating some cake flour gives it that sponge cake texture if i may describe it that way.

      Hope this helps… no worries abt questions.. we all try to get our queries answered before baking.. I\’m like that too 😉

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. Thanks . jap hotel bread does not have cake flour. Hope I didn\’t confuse u
    My bread flour has 12.7 percent protein
    Since I can\’t get super strong flour I will just use all bread flour as per your advice. Thanks for patience. Also what is the measurements of your 450,gm loaf pan. Both with and without lid
    I need to buy one from amazon. Thanks for all your help.

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