IMG_7777this is a very traditional sweet (or mooncake) that you can find in beijing.. i first tasted this 4 years back at a hotel breakfast buffet and fell in love with it
unfortunately, i never knew the name and had difficulty finding the recipe until now…
ok.. gotta dash to the airport now

Recipe adapted & translated from 君之

Ingredients (makes 10)

Oil dough
200g all purpose flour
10g sugar
10g maltose
90g sesame oil
1g baking soda
76g boiling water

80g sugar
28g sesame oil
40g cooked flour
1/2 tbsp osmanthus sugar
10g rock sugar (chopped)
10g pumpkin seeds
30g walnuts (chopped)

red food colouring

IMG_7782食材 (可做10个)

普通面粉 200克
白砂糖 10克
麦芽糖 10克
香油 90克
小苏打 1克
开水 76克

白砂糖 80克
香油 28克
熟面粉 40克
糖桂花 1/2大勺
冰糖 (切碎) 10克
瓜子仁 10克
核桃仁(切碎) 30克



IMG_7779– start off by preparing the dough. place sugar, maltose and baking soda in a bowl. add in boiling water and mix well. pour in sesame oil and mix well once again

– add in all the 200g flour. knead all ingredients into a dough. place dough onto tabletop and knead with all your might (!!) for about 20 mins till the dough is shiny and “elastic”

– roll dough out into a rectangle sheet and then fold both the sides towards the centre of the sheet (please refer to the original recipe link provided above for shaping tutorial)
把揉好的面团用擀面杖擀成长方形面片。擀好的面片,将两边向中间折过来 (整形图解可请参考以上原食谱链接)

– fold the dough sheet into half again, very much like preparing puff pastry. this is the first four fold. turn the dough 90 degrees so it is horizontal, and once again roll out into a rectangle sheet. repeat the four fold once again. repeat this process about 2-3 more times, completing a 3-4x four fold process for the dough, till the dough is very pliable and tidy

– after the folding process has been completed, roll out into a sheet once again, and then swiss roll it. cut into 10 equal portions, and set aside

– prepare filling ~ mix sugar, sesame oil, osmanthus sugar and cooked flour into a bowl. then add in pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts and rock sugar

– mix ingredients using hand and shape it into a log on the table top. divide into 10 portions

– take a portion of dough (cut side facing upwards), and roll into a flat disc

– wrap a portion of filling into the dough

– place shaped mooncake onto baking tray, seams facing downwards

– using the cap of a beverage bottle (e.g. mineral water bottle cap), dab it with some red food colouring, and chop it onto the mooncake

– bake in the middle of preheated oven of 200 degrees C for 25-30 mins, till the mooncake becomes brown in colour

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7783– cooked flour is not cooked glutinous rice flour. to prepare, you can either fry or steam all purpose flour. my preference is to steam ~ place 500g flour into a bowl, and poke several holes into it. cover, and steam over high heat for 30 mins. pour flour out, and break up with a fork. after cooling, sift it and you have cooked flour
输面粉并非糕粉。您可干炒或蒸面粉。我比较喜欢蒸煮方式 ~ 将500克面粉放入容器中,面粉捅几个孔。大火蒸30分钟后,将面粉倒扣,以叉子散开。待凉后,过筛既是熟面粉啦

– i baked my mooncake for 22 mins
我的月饼烤了22 分钟


Pollution index: 177 (unhealthy)


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