Ingredients  (makes a 25 x 25cm cake)

Swiss roll
40g unsalted butter
10g milk (A)
60g cake flour (sifted)
1 egg
3 egg yolk
30g pandan juice + 10g milk (warmed to 60 degrees C)
3 egg white
45g caster sugar * feel free to use 60g if you have a sweet tooth

homemade kaya filling
2 eggs
80g sugar
200ml coconut milk
1 pandan leaf

IMG_8048食材(可做一个 25 x 25厘米烤盘蛋糕)

无盐黄油 40克
牛奶 (A)10克
蛋糕粉 60克 (过筛)
鸡蛋 1颗
蛋黄 3颗
班兰汁 30克 + 牛奶 10克 (混合、加热至60摄氏度)
蛋白 3克
绵白糖 45克 *喜好偏甜口味儿的朋友可将糖份增加至60克

鸡蛋 2颗
糖 80克
椰浆 200毫升
班兰叶 1片


IMG_8050– prepare kaya filling by snipping pandan leaf into small pieces. then blend with coconut milk. sift mixture and set aside
事先准备咖椰酱 ~ 班兰叶剪成小片,和椰浆放入搅拌器搅匀并过筛。待用

– beat eggs with sugar till sugar has dissolved. add in sifted pandan coconut mixture

– pour mixture into saucepan and cook over medium heat till it becomes custard. blend custard till smooth, and allow to cool. set aside

– line a 25 x 25cm square pan with baking paper
25 x 25 厘米烤盘铺上烘焙纸

– prepare cake batter ~ boil butter and milk (A) in saucepan and turn off fire once the entire mixture boils
准备蛋糕体 ~ 黄油和牛奶 (A)放入奶锅加热至烧开。离火

– pour in all sifted flour at a go and mix well using a wooden spoon till mixture is no longer lumpy

– when the above mixture comes together in one lump, place saucepan back to stove on low heat and warm mixture up for 30 seconds

– continuing stirring till mixture becomes glossy and the bottom of your saucepan forms a thin skin. turn off heat

– beat egg and 3 egg yolks together

– add egg mixture into butter/flour dough in 3 additions; incorporating well before next addition

– continue to mix until mixture becomes ribbon stage. the key here is to ensure all egg mixture is incorporated into butter/flour dough when the latter is still warm. then, add in the 60 degrees C pandan juice + milk (B)

– beat egg white, adding caster sugar in three additions until stiff and shiny peaks form

– pour egg yolk mixture all at once into egg white meringue and fold well using ballon whisk. then change to spatula to ensure the bottom of the batter has been well mixed

– pour batter onto cake pan and tap pan on bench to remove air bubbles

– bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 15 – 16 mins
送入预热至180摄氏度烤箱烤15-16 分钟

– cool cake on wire rack

– place cake on a piece of parchment paper. Usually, we should be spreading the filling on the darker side. however, i like the wire rack effect on my cake, so i decided to invert the cake this time

– spread kaya carefully onto cake and roll it up tightly. chill for a few of hours before slicing and serving


Pollution index: 192 (unhealthy… here we go again)


  • Ling yuen chin says:

    我从不敢做Swiss roll,怕失败!

  • Sally says:


  • Mimibakeryhouse, Charmaine says:

    Such a pretty swiss roll, and it\’s my favorite flavor too!!!! I hadn\’t been baking one since few years ago… I\’m horrible in rolling and I hope I get a good day in rolling a swiss roll one of these days… hehehe…

  • What a well done swiss roll. Look at that perfect skin!

  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • Mel says:

    Indeed I can see how yummy as it looks with kaya jam filling. No wonder this was highly recommended.

  • Sharon says:


  • Ann Low says:

    The Swiss roll skin looks so perfect! Wish I can do it like yours 😀

  • Angie Ng says:


  • Grace says:

    It looks so perfect. I think I couldn\’t resist this.

  • Fion says:


  • May Law says:

    woo…亲亲的蛋糕做的好棒, 滑滑的脸美美的内涵, 总之只有一句:棒棒棒!!
    食谱带走了, 南瓜月过后请亲亲吃哦!

  • LY says:

    What a beautifully made swiss roll!

  • Jessie Ng says:

    What a perfect swiss roll! Some more is pandan flavour, I want to eat, haha!

  • kitchen flavours says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Wow, that is one perfect swiss roll! And with beautiful crumb texture too! Looks so silky smooth and delicious! Thanks for linking with CYB!

  • Lynn says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Your swiss roll looks sooooo good! <3 Just would like to know if I'm making a coffee version of this, how much instant coffee powder do I replace with the flour? I do not have coffee essence / coffee paste so I couldn't try your coffee swiss roll in another post.. I understand that I would also need to change the 30g of pandan juice to milk just like your recent Fererro Rocher cake. Thank you! ^^

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for coming by. Do not replace flour with coffee powder. instead, dissolve the coffee powder/granules into the liquid. you can use 40g milk if you like. how much, depends on how strong you usually take your coffee. i am using short black coffee powder, and will use about 3/4 to 1 levelled tsp of powder with 40g milk. hope this helps

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. The 30gm pandan juice for the roll- is it the concentrated juice. Also is there a technique to rolling such beautiful roundish roll.?? My patterned swissroll was anything but round lol! Would appreciate if you can help with some pointers on rolling skills. Also what level rack did you bake your cake. I always like the even colors of your Bakes. Thanks again. Chloe

    • Hi Chloe, its not concentrated. Just normal pandan juice. I baked the cake on centre rack.. for round rolls.. mmm.. i usually just roll it up with parchment paper then seal it up very tightly to form the roundish look. U get what i mean? I.e. instead of letting it sit as it is, i pull the paper really tight. U can choose to knot it at both ends, or use tape (has to be long to circle the roll as don\’t forget, tapes don\’t stick on baking paper well) . Some people use strings which i don\’t as it does leave markings i.e. indentations on the roll. U have to take care that crease lines from tight rolling don\’t damage the skin. On my pandan roll if u see, there is a line which was caused by the paper. So these days, i tend to unroll n roll again. Other than that, it just takes practise 🙂 good luck

  • Rowena says:

    Hi Victoria, possibility to share ur tips / advise on how to roll it to such a perfect way i.e no cracks yet the \”skin\” still in perfect shape. I tend to fail this portion, with cracks or at times, the \”skin\” is stick to the parchment paper.

    • Hi Rowena, i will try to do a pictorial in the future.. just that it\’s tough when you roll and stop to take pics… 😉

      you need to ensure the cake is thoroughly baked through, otherwise it wrinkles and the skin is wet (don\’t overtake though.. it does crack up.. so grasping hold of the baking time is impt). also, do ensure you use good parchment paper. i heard many complain that the skin sticks.. but they managed to rectify the problem after changing parchment paper.

      hope this helps momentarily

  • alene says:

    What does the (A) beside the milk represent?

  • Hazel says:

    Hi. My kaya tastes great but it\’s much more watery than yours. Must I cook longer ? Or use thicker coconut cream ? Thks !

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