IMG_8092just arrived back in beijing last night and had to get busy with hubby’s breakfast
i saw this on cookpad a while back and couldn’t wait to get started
and as i happily baked away, i made a mistake which ended up to be a blessing disguise..
i inadvertently used cake flour instead of bread flour.. did it come out well?
oh yes…. so well.. so soft

* UPDATE: like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting this recipe and to answer a few common questions:
1: is the butter used on the slash in addition to the stated recipe i.e. 45g? yes it is. place as much or as little butter on the slash as you want. or omit completely
2: should i use cake or bread flour? i will say, if you do not need a bready texture bread, go for cake flour. it makes the bread really soft. give it a little toast and it is so delicious.. crusty, yet soft on the inside
1: 摆放在面包上方的黄油是否在食材中的45克黄油之外?是的。面包上想摆放多少黄油依个人口味。不爱放,也可免去
2: 那我该用蛋糕粉还是面包粉制作这吐司呢?我觉得如果你不太在乎面包的口感,就用蛋糕粉。因为制作出来的面包真的很软。享用前,稍微烤一烤,外脆、内软,真的无法形容

Recipe adapted and modified from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes a 1.5 lb toast)

350g bread flour
45g rice flour
1 egg
milk ~ note that milk + egg should come to 270ml
30g sugar * i used trehalose
45g unsalted butter
5g salt
5g dry yeast

食材 (可做一个1.5磅吐司)

面包粉 350克
粘米粉 45克
鸡蛋 1颗
牛奶 ~ 注:牛奶+鸡蛋=270毫升
糖 30克 *我用了海藻糖
无盐黄油 45克
盐 5克
干酵母 5克


– mix and knead all ingredients together till you achieve window pane stage. allow to proof till double in size

– punch dough down and divide into 4 equal portions. allow to rest for 15 mins

– roll out each portion of dough after resting and swiss roll tightly. place into greased loaf pan and allow to rise for second time at 35 degrees C for about 40 mins (or till the dough is reaching the top of the pan)

– slash the top of the loaf and top with butter. bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 30 mins * i baked for about 47 mins on second lowest rack of oven

– once it’s baked, drop pan from a height of 30cm to release steam and unmould to cool

IMG_8090i am submitting this post to Best Recipes for Everyone #4 Nov14~~ Fresh From Oven ~My Bread Story hosted by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom Kitchen Diary


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  • Mel says:

    Hi Victoria
    You have been busy travelling! Lucky you! I guess making that mistake of using cake flour have also made this bread extra soft and fluffy in texture! Hmm…..and now you make me whether to go with bread flour or cake flour now???!!!

    • yeah mel mel! i was in rotorua! wow.. wondered how you stayed there for so long… ok.. i will say i will make the same mistake again 😉

    • Chui Lan says:

      U mention slash the top of the bread. Do v slash with a knife? And how deep.

      • Hi Chui Lan, I have a lame, or a bread scoring knife. You can try using a razor blade which may be easier. My slabs of butter were about 1.5cm in height, so my slash was c. 1cm. as long as the butter can stay inside the slit and not pop outside the slit it will be fine and it depends on how thick your butter is. Of course, you wouldn\’t want to slash too deep to deflate your loaf. Hope this helps

  • Doreen says:

    Hi Vic,
    Nice to have you back!
    Glad that you shared another lovely bread again.
    Well, should I use bread flour or cake flour ..hehe

  • Grace says:

    The texture of this bread really looks fluffy and soft.
    Is the dough easy to shape? Wet?
    I want to try the other bread recipe you shared last few months but couldn\’t find super strong bread flour in Sg 🙁

  • 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 says:


  • Fion says:


  • Irene Myme says:


  • Pearly Leong says:

    Soft and nice bread. Thank you.

  • kitchen flavours says:

    If only my baking mistakes could turn out as delicious as yours!
    The bread looks super soft and wonderful!

  • Anna Leung says:

    請問入爐前擺在面的牛油, 是否材料中45g 牛油之外? 謝謝.

  • May Law says:

    亲亲还真勤劳,回到家就立刻开炉了, 你的爱人有你真是好幸福啊!

  • Hi Victoria,

    You are back last night and you are so fast back to blogging!!!

    I have tried a few recipes that you have recommended from Cookpad and they are superb! I believe that this is also super good too!


  • 婉婉下午茶 says:

    哎呀,看到你的面包,我嘴巴都停不下来了。。nom nom

  • highly recommended means I must try liao heeheehee

  • Jozelyn Ng says:

    sui sui…用了蛋糕粉也可以有拉丝的感觉。。。师傅果然是师傅!

  • Joyce says:

    How long do we knead? I use bread kneader for 40 mins but the dough still dont form. Pls advise.

    • Hi Joyce, i am using kitchenaid mixer and it took my 20 mins. another friend hand kneaded and took 30 mins. 40 mins is a little too long. usually by (i would say max) 10th min, the dough should come together, albeit shaggy. is your dough too wet? then maybe it means your flour water absorption level is lower. if that\’s the case, add lesser liquid. hope this helps.

  • diana sing says:

    For this recipe can i use breadmaker to bake into one loaf instead of buns ?

  • Diana Sing says:

    Hi Victoria, is d rice flour in this recipe same as glutinous rice flour?

  • Diana Sing says:

    Tks for d explanation

  • Diana Sing says:

    If I use bread flour will d bread be soft compared to using cake flour ?

  • chloe says:

    What size loaf pan pleas? Thanks

  • LC says:

    Hi, baked this bread last night. Eventually it looks horrible but soft, its crumbly, smell yeasty. Actually ive baked a few and all turns out with strong yeasty smell. I even tried 2 different brands( both brand new and long before expiry) but its the same. Are all the bake bread smell like this? I couldnt bake it like those bakery shop with nice buttery bread smell and when you eat it, it doesnt smell yeasty.

    Although it is soft, but its not as soft as yours. There is this white-ish layers( mostly bottom) which ive no idea whats that. And the bottom is kinda hard, although the middle and top are soft. Issit the way i swissroll it incorrectly? Do you have a video or tutorial that i check it out to see how swissroll it?

    • Hi LC, apologies to hear of your futile attempts. The bread should not smell yeasty. If we look at the percentage of yeast to flour, it is actually a normal proportion ( I am presuming the weight of yeast and sugar you used here are measured accurately). Are you rising your dough at too high a temperature environment? When this happens, dough rises too quickly resulting in the yeasty smell. Too long a rising time also cause a yeasty dough.

      It is very difficult for me to determine where the issue may be but the whitish layer could be reasons also. U either over rise your dough and when sent to baked, the trapped air bubbles cannot sustain hence resulting in deflated loaf (l experienced this- beautifully risen and horribly deflated dough once baked); or you may not have proofed the dough enough or you greased your pan too much. When rolling out dough , try not to use too much strength to flatten the dough. You really wanna roll it out and press out air bubbles then roll.

      Frankly It can be many reasons but the above are just some of my personal experiences I encountered with the whitish layer.

      Hope this help

      • LC says:

        Thanks for the reply. Humm im staying in malaysia and i suppose the temp would be about 36/37 Degree C. I rise it on my kitchen top though, usually making it around 11-12 pm( it takes bout 45 minutes in my case to rise)

        Greasing the pan too much will cause it to have hard bottom? Maybe ill try to bake it again and following your adivces.

        Side note, can i proof the dough first round, and put it in the chiller and take it out, n proof 2nd round and bake it tomorrow morning? Do i have to shape it before putting it in chiller( about 18-20 hours) ? Or you do not advise to chill it? I saw some sites that they knead the diugh in big batch, and divide the dough and put it in freezer( last for weeks).

        • yes greasing too much will cause a dense bottom from my understanding. yes, you can first proof dough, punch down, shape and put in loaf pan, then chill it. it does not matter if you chill or not, it just retards the yeast, and supposedly give it a slower rise, hence flavour. i do this at times.
          what i haven\’t done before is freezing it ~ some people like to do this just to save time (but not a lot of asian bread recipes practise this if i\’m not wrong). i do not think it saves much time because by freezing, you need to thaw and it may take a longer time as compared to preparing a dough fresh. that\’s just a personal preference. hope this helps.

  • cfheryl wee says:

    can i replace dry yeast with natural yeast? and how much do i add in the natural yeast to replace the dry yeast

    • Victoria says:

      hi, you can. however, i have yet to experiment with homemade yeast so i wouldn’t want to commit to something i haven’t tried. if you substitute, you will also need to adjust hydration factor.

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