IMG_9418my recent trip to Hong Kong had been fruitful… got lotsa “old, traditional, lost recipe”..
share share with you ah…
* i learnt that a traditional piglet biscuit doesn’t bake out defined impressions,
so don’t feel disappointed if you lose all the lines during baking for that’s the way it should be
也和大家“婚享“ 哈


280g all purpose flour
1/2 cup peanut oil (c. 125ml)
1/2 cup homemade/store bought golden syrup (apologies, forgot to measure in grams/ml)
1/4 tsp lye water

1 egg, whisked till foamy, and sifted


多用途面粉 280克
花生油 1/2量杯(约 125毫升)
转化糖浆 1/2量杯(抱歉。。既然忘了记重量)
碱水 1/4小匙

鸡蛋 1颗,打至发泡后过筛


IMG_9420– sift flour into a bowl and dig a well in a middle

– pour in oil, syrup then lye water. use a spatula to mix together, then hand knead into a dough. rest dough for 15 mins
倒入油、糖浆和碱水,用刮刀拌匀后以手搓揉至成团。休面 15分钟

– divide dough into equal portions (according to the mould you are using)

– brush mould with a light coat of oil, and set it aside for half a min before pressing dough into it. press hard, then knock dough out

– spray shaped biscuits with a coat of water and bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C, centre rack for 12 mins
整形后的猪仔饼喷上少许水,送入预热至 180摄氏度烤箱,中层烤 12分钟

– remove, and brush 4 coats of egg wash on each biscuit while they are still hot. return to bake in 160 degrees C oven for 6 mins
取出趁热刷上 4层蛋液。回炉,以 160摄氏度烤 6分钟

– remove biscuits from oven, and reduce temperature to 150 degrees C. brush biscuits with 2 more coats of egg wash, then continue to bake for 13 mins till dark in colour
再次取出,烤箱温度降至 150摄氏度。猪仔饼再刷上两层蛋液,续烤 13分钟至深咖啡色既可

– cool completely, and wrap each cake with aluminium foil for 2-3 days (a process literally translated as “returning oil”) before consumption
猪仔饼完全冷却后,将其以锡纸裹上 2-3天。回油后既可享用

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9421– the original piglet biscuit loses all the impressions after baking.. and so i tried to use the mooncake shaping method to shape the rooster ones (i.e. dusting flour on mould and dough). as you can see, the rooster ends up with deeper impressions ~ then again, bear in mind this is no longer traditional
原做法的猪仔饼纹路不清晰。。整形公鸡饼时,我试用了做月饼的方式 ~ 既是模子和面团事先筛上面粉。烤出来的纹路比较清晰 ~但,切记这就不是古法方式了哈

– i bought my piggy mould from Bake King in Haig Road (Singapore). rooster mould, was purchased long ago.. in Hong Kong i believe
猪仔模子是在新加坡 Bake King 买滴。。公鸡模子。。 N 年前在。。相比香港买的吧

– piggy baskets can be purchased from here




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