IMG_9398yet another super japanese toast.. the name in itself is interesting..
tearing (as in weeping).. why? some associate it with the price of the bread (as the flour in itself is very expensive)
some say it’s purely because of its indescribable texture
the flour (i.e. casarine flour), or so i heard, has been specially produced by Nippn for the taiwanese.
water absorption level of this flour is really high… and hence, it creates this “tearing” effect
i was pretty lucky to get my hand on a couple of bags of these when i was in Hong Kong (bought it in Twinsco in Wanchai)
… even luckier to get the recipe for this
近期在香港瞎逛时很幸运滴买着两袋面粉(店铺 Twinsco 位于湾仔)
之后又特幸运获到食谱。。lucky lucky 咯

ingredients (450g loaf pan)

starter dough

350g casarine flour
1g instant dry yeast
1g malt extract (i used meridian’s barley malt extract)
200g room temperature water

main dough

150g casarine flour
10g milk powder
1.5g instant dry yeast
5g sea salt
40g caster sugar
125g room temperature water
30g clarified butter (i used organic valley)



凯萨琳高筋面粉 350克
即溶干酵母 1克
麦芽精 1克(我用 meridian 牌子麦芽精)
水,200克 室温


凯萨琳高筋面粉 150克
奶粉 10克
即溶干酵母 1.5克
海盐 5克
绵白糖 40克
水,室温 125克
发酵黄油 30克 (我用 organic valley 牌子)


IMG_9408– prepare starter dough: add yeast into water. mix well, then add in malt syrup

– place flour into mixer bowl and using slow speed on mixer, add yeast mixture into flour in a few additions

– once ingredients come into a rough dough, turn to medium speed and mix till window pane stage

– stop the machine and slightly grease the sides of the mixer bowl (to prevent dough from sticking)

– remove dough from mixer bowl and place into another lightly greased bowl. DO NOT SHAPE DOUGH INTO A BALL (allow it to be in the natural state). Proof dough in room temperature for 1 hour, and then chill for at least 12 hours
取出面团,摆放在另一个稍抹了油的盆中。面团无需滚圆。室温发酵一小时后,冷藏自少 12小时

– remove chilled dough from fridge. you do not need to bring it back to room temperature. mix (main dough’s) flour, milk powder and yeast together

– place starter dough into mixer bowl and add in salt & sugar

– with mixer on low speed, add flour mixture, alternating with water (i added flour, water, flour, water and ended with flour)

– incorporate butter. knead dough on low speed till it becomes a dough

– turn to medium speed and knead till window pane

– turn mixer back to low speed. brush oil on side of bowl till it flows to the bottom of the mixer bowl

– without removing dough from bowl, check temperature of dough. it should be around 26-27 degrees C
用温度器查面团温度(无需将面团从容器取出)。面团温度应约 26-27摄氏度

– DO NOT SHAPE DOUGH INTO A BALL. cover bowl with cling wrap and allow to rise for 30 mins. if your dough is colder e.g. 23 degrees C, rise it for 45 mins. if temperature of dough is higher than 26 degrees, reduce rising time to 15 mins
容器盖上保鲜膜(面团无需搓成圆球),发酵 30分钟。如果面团温度低于 26摄氏度 (约 23摄氏度),需发酵 45分钟。如面团温度偏高,发酵时间相对减至 15分钟

– after dough has risen, punch it down lightly and divide into 3 equal portions, with a tolerance of +/- 1g per portion c. 293g per portion
面团发酵后,排气、分割成三等份。各份重量差额不可多/少于 1克 ~ 每份约 293克

– shape dough into a ball and allow to rest UNCOVERED for about 10 mins (this allows the dough to be easier to handle)
面团搓成圆球,室温静置 10分钟,无需盖上保鲜膜。让面团吹点儿风才比较好使

– roll dough into a long sheet. swiss roll, and rest another 10 mins uncovered
面团擀成长面皮、紧紧卷起。静置 10分钟。 无需盖上保鲜膜

– swiss roll (no need to roll out) once more from the shorter end with care, ensuring you do not tear any part of the dough surface

IMG_9396place rolls into greased pan (need to squeeze a bit) and allow to rise till 70 percent of pan’s height
(see picture above on what 70% means ~ yes, that’s a shower cap ;D)

– bake in pre heated oven of top heat 150 degrees C, bottom heat 210 degrees C for 30-35 mins. switch pan around 20 mins into baking time
送入以上火 150摄氏度、下火 210摄氏度预热的烤箱(因我家烤箱无法控制上下温度,我用了180摄氏度倒数第二层烤了 53分钟。面包烤了 30分钟后盖上锡纸)烤 30-35分钟。烘焙时间 20分钟后,将烤盘转一转方向

– once baked, remove from oven and brush top with melted butter (not stated in recipe)

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9399– i suggest you try to stay true to the ingredients of this recipe to try the actual taste of the tearing toast. if you cannot find casarine flour in your area, look for bread flour with 11.6% protein level (e.g. hokkaido bread flour)
为了尝试这名不虚传的面包,我建议您不要随意更改食材和份量。如真无法找到凯萨琳高筋面粉,就用蛋白质含量 11.6%的面包粉(如北海道面粉)

– i bought my barley malt extract in London. there isn’t a good substitute to this but if you really do not have it, i will suggest using raw honey or simply omit

– if you cannot find clarified butter, substitute with unsalted butter




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