recipe adapted with modifications from/食谱(经调整)取自于: @Kokken

ingredients (7 inch square pan with removable bottom ~ line & grease bottom of pan)

375g butter
180g sweetened condense milk

300g eggs (c. 5 eggs)
240g egg yolk (c. 12 egg yolk)
2 tsp vanilla paste
140g caster sugar

cake flour 130g
3g baking powder
20g horlicks

1tbsp cocoa powder, sifted

25g homemade mocha paste (mix 15g 2-in-1 coffee powder + 5g hot chocolate + 5ml hot water)

50g melted butter (for brushing cake)


黄油 375克
炼奶 180克

鸡蛋 300克(约 5颗鸡蛋)
蛋黄 240克 (约 12颗蛋黄)
香草糊 2小匙
绵白糖 140克

蛋糕粉 130克
泡打粉 3克
好力克 20克

可可粉 1大匙,过筛

自制摩卡酱 25克(二合一咖啡粉 15克+热巧克力饮料粉 5克融入于 5毫升热水)

融化黄油 50克(刷蛋糕用途)


IMG_9075– preheat oven with top, bottom heat to 240 degrees
烤箱以上下火预热至 240摄氏度

– mix and beat A ingredients till light & fluffy
A 食材混合,搅拌至蓬松状

– whisk B together till pale & ribbon stage

– sift C together
C 食材混合,过筛

– add A into B in 3 additions and beat with high speed till well combined
A 分三次加入打发的 B,以高速拌匀

– fold C into the above
将 C翻拌入蛋糊

– divide batter into 2 equal portions. add sifted cocoa powder into one portion, and mocha paste into another. mix well

– place pan into centre rack of oven and preheat for 2 mins

– remove pan and turn oven to grill mode (still at 240 degrees C). pour a layer of mocha batter into pan (c. 70g each layer). spread batter and place pan back into oven to bake. after baking each layer, remove pan, use a toothpick to prick any air bubbles, then press each layer down with a lapis presser. brush baked layer with a thin coat of melted butter before pouring on another layer of batter to bake. repeat process by alternating batter (3 layer of mocha, then 3 layer of cocoa batter) till batter is used up. bake last layer with top & bottom heat at 180 degrees C for 15-18 mins
烤盘取出、将烤箱转换成烧烤模式(温度维持 240摄氏度)。倒入一份摩卡面糊(每层约 70克)。将面糊铺平,送入烤箱。上色后,取出、运用竹签刺破气泡并用千层糕压模将蛋糕轻轻压下。刷上一层溶化黄油、再倒上另一层面糊继续烤至上色。此步骤重复(3层摩卡面糊、3层可可面糊~以此类推)至面糊用完为止。最后一层以上下火,180摄氏度烤 15-18分钟

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– you may start off with baking each layer at 3 min, but as you reach the top, each layer may take only 1.5mins
最初一层烘焙时间约 3分钟。层次越高,烘焙时间也逐渐缩短~约 1.5分钟

– horlicks can be replaced with milk powder. if you do not have hot chocolate, use ovaltine or milo

– for more distinctive layer, replace cocoa powder with dark cocoa powder



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