IMG_0312… and so the mainland is seeing yet another recipe going viral!

ingredients (450g loaf pan, L 20 x W 10.5 x H 10.5cm, greased & lined)

100g bread flour
25g cake flour
10g butter
80g water
8g milk powder
22g caster sugar
1.5g salt
1.2g instant dry yeast

cocoa paste
1 tbsp dark cocoa powder + 1 tbsp hot water

cocoa sponge cake
3 eggs, separated
80g caster sugar
80g cake flour
55g milk
30g butter
20g cocoa powder
(450克烤盘,长 20 x 宽 10.5 x 高 10.5厘米,抹油、铺上烘焙纸)

面包粉 100克
蛋糕粉 25克
黄油 10克
水 80克
奶粉 8克
绵白糖 22克
盐 1.5克

即溶干酵母 1.2克

黑可可粉 1大匙+1大匙热水

鸡蛋 3颗,分离
绵白糖 80克
蛋糕粉 80克
牛奶 55克
黄油 30克
可可粉 20克


IMG_0311– mix all dough ingredients together (except butter) and knead to till you get a dough. incorporate butter and knead till window pane stage 面团食材(除黄油)混合、和面成团后加入黄油。搓揉至拓展状

– to make spiral design, remove 62g of dough, and knead in chocolate paste. allow both dough to rise till double in size
如做螺旋吐司,从原面团分割出 62克面团,揉入可可酱。两份面团发酵至双倍大

IMG_0287 punch dough down and roll original dough into a L 31 x W 18cm sheet
面团排气,原面团擀成长 31 x 宽 18厘米面片

IMG_0288 fold sides inwards, and roll out into a L 34 x W 13cm sheet
两侧往内折,再次擀成长 34 x 宽 13厘米面片

IMG_0289 roll cocoa dough into a L 32 x W 12cm sheet
可可面团擀成长 32 x 宽 12厘米面片

IMG_0290 place chocolate sheet on top of original dough and roll lightly

IMG_0292 swiss roll dough beginning from the end furthest away from you

IMG_0293 swiss roll tightly

IMG_0294 seal seams well

IMG_0295 place dough in the middle of greased & lined pan
cover with cling wrap

IMG_0296proof till 60% of its original size

IMG_0286 start making sponge cake. dissolve butter in milk over a pot of simmering water, then sift in cocoa powder. mix well and set aside

IMG_0297 add sugar to egg white in 3 additions and beat till stiff, shiny peaks
糖分 3次加入蛋白打发至湿润、硬性状

IMG_0298 turn to slow speed, and add in egg yolk from side of the bowl

IMG_0299 stir till well blended

IMG_0300 stop machine, and fold in flour with egg whisk attachment in 3 additions
停机、运用打蛋器将面粉分 3次手动翻拌入蛋糊

IMG_0301 switch to spatula to fold well after third addition
(your batter should be in ribbon stage)

IMG_0303Finally pour in cocoa butter mixture with the help of spatula from the side of mixer bowl

IMG_0304 fold using spatula

IMG_0305 done

IMG_0306 pour batter into pan from a height of at least 10cm
从 10厘米高处将面糊倒入烤盘

IMG_0307 tap pan lightly to remove air bubbles then smooth surface

IMG_0308 bake in centre rack of preheated oven of 170 degrees C for 40-50 mins
i baked mine on centre rack for 36 mins, then switched to second lowest rack and continued baking for 14 mins
do tent cake if it browns quickly
送入预热至 170摄氏度烤箱中层烤 40-50分钟
我的在中层烤了 36分钟、后转倒数第二层续烤 14分钟

IMG_0310 once baked, allow to cool completely on wire rack (do not need to invert)

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_0313 – for cocoa paste in dough, mix 3/4 tbsp hot water if you are using valrhona cocoa powder. i used hershey’s this time and realised it needed 1 tbsp hot water
面团中的可可酱,如用 valrhona 牌子可可粉,热水只需 3/4大匙。我这次用了好时牌子,发现它吸水量比较大,需要 1大匙

– the original black diamond toast does not have the spiral effect (i incorporated this myself). all dimensions of rolled-out dough are based on my own preference. feel free to do it differently




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