IMG_0272made this in chocolate flavour earlier.. it was really good
so, who says we can’t have Chinese New Year goodies during christmas?
don’t they look so pretty, like christmas trees?
҉*( ‘ω’ )/*҉

ingredients (6 inch square pan, greased & lined)

280g butter
100g sugar

157g egg yolk + 263g egg (or use 420g egg c. 7 large eggs)
* whisk briefly

1.5 tbsp homemade pandan paste
130g kaya

125g cake flour
70g horlicks
1/2 tsp baking powder
* mix and sift together

350g finger biscuits


黄油 280克
糖 100克

蛋黄液 157克+全蛋液 263克(或用 420克全蛋液~约 7颗大鸡蛋)

自制班兰糊 1.5 大匙
咖椰 130克

蛋糕粉 125克
好力克 70克
泡打粉 1/2小匙

手指饼干 350克


IMG_0258cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy

IMG_0259scrap bowl down and add in B in a few additions. mix well before adding in next portion
将容器边缘的黄油刮下、分次加入 B。每加入一份,拌匀后再加入另一份

IMG_0261add in C, blend well
(don’t worry if your batter look a little curdled at this point)
加入 C。拌匀

IMG_0262fold in D in 3 additions
the batter should not be curdled after adding in flour
if it still is, whisk it on high speed for 1-2 mins till batter is smooth
then reduce speed and blend for a minute to remove trapped bubbles
D 分3次拌入
加入粉类物后的蛋糊应该不在似 “豆花“
如果还是“豆花”状,厨师器转高速将面糊搅拌 1-2分钟至顺滑

IMG_0263bring water in steamer to a boil over high heat
put in greased & lined pan. cover lid and preheat for 2 minutes
摆入抹了油、并铺上烘焙纸的烤盘。加盖儿、预热烤盘 2分钟

IMG_0264remove pan and turn heat down to medium heat

IMG_0265spread 80g of batter into pan whilst it is still hot and line finger biscuits
leave a 1cm gap in between each biscuit
tap pan on tabletop to remove bubbles
趁烤盘还热着时,倒入 80克面糊,铺平
码上手指饼干~每只饼干之间预留 1厘米缝隙

IMG_0266cover pan with foil (and cover steamer with lid of course) and steam for 7-8 mins till surface of batter no longer feels sticky
烤盘盖上锡纸(当然蒸锅也加盖儿),蒸 7-8分钟直到面糊表面不粘手

IMG_0267spread in second layer of batter (80g)
line biscuits, avoiding the earlier alignment
(you will be able to see vaguely, where your previous line of biscuits are after spreading batter)
repeat steaming process till all batter is used up
倒入第二层面糊(也是 80克),再次码上饼干

IMG_0269invert cake immediately once it is done onto a cooling rack and unmould
cool completely before slicing

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i used more egg yolk this time. the reason for the weird weight is just ‘cos they are leftovers. also, by using more egg yolk, i hoped to give the cake a darker tint of green since i am not using store bought pandan paste/green food colouring. store bought pandan paste tend to have colouring in it, so a little drop colours the batter very easily. i am very happy i made the choice of using more egg yolk

– i like to use homemade pandan paste that is at least 4 days old in the fridge. the colour is much denser and concentrated
我喜欢用冷藏了自少 4天的自制班兰糊。因沉淀时间够长,它的色质也特别浓缩

IMG_0275feeling festive?


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  • Irene Tow (December 22, 2015)

    Hi Victoria….you are so creative and talented.
    Love reading your blog..

    • Victoria Bakes (December 22, 2015)

      Thanks for your very generous compliment. Have a Happy Christmas 😉

  • May Law (December 22, 2015)

    有气氛, 有气氛。。超有气氛的, 多希望能在亲的家过圣诞哦! 嘻嘻。。。
    蒸功夫的蛋糕, 我看了怕怕。。。待我养好练好内功先, 再来一试!

  • mui/ my little favourite DIY (December 23, 2015)

    hi Vic Vic dear,

    yes, yes, i have the festive feeling!
    you are very innovative! How i wish i can join you and May for Christmas 😀
    might try this recipe soon 😀


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