IMG_8913 recently, i have been in the “i need to make this at least once” mood..
so here goes another egg yolk killer cake.. but let me tell you.. it’s darn good
说实在,“残留” 在烘焙清单上数些道好食谱因太多蛋黄缘故,所以(偶)一直迟迟不做
近期。。偶进入“一生必定做一次” 状态

Recipe adapted with modifications/原食谱经调整取自于: MIKIKO の 爱情坟墓

Ingredients (makes a 7 inch round cake)

300g butter, softened
150g caster sugar

4 eggs
4 egg yolk
1 tbsp evaporated milk
2 tsp vanilla extract

240g self raising flour

2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp instant coffee powder
2 tbsp hot water
* mix all of the above to form mocha paste

IMG_9417食材(可做一个 7寸圆形蛋糕)

黄油 300克,软化
绵白糖 150克 

鸡蛋 4颗
蛋黄 4颗
淡奶 1大匙
香草精 2小匙

自发粉 240克

可可粉 2大匙
即溶咖啡粉 1小匙
热水 2大匙


IMG_8908– grease and line the bottom and sides of baking pan

  • beat (A) together till pale and fluffy

  • in a separate bowl, beat (B) on high speed for 5 mins

  • add (B) into (A) in few additions and incorporate well. continue beating for 10 mins

  • using low speed, fold (C) into butter mixture

  • remove a scoop of batter and mix into (D)

  • spread one third of cake batter into pan, followed by a tbsp of mocha batter. repeat this process till batter is used up

  • bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 58 mins or till an inserted skewer comes out clean *i tented the cake at 33 min of baking, and removed at 55th min. if you get a little peak on your cake, just invert the cake on cooling rack for 10 mins and revert back up
    送入预热至 180摄氏度烤箱烤  58分钟或直到竹签不沾面糊即可 *烘焙 33分钟后,我用锡纸盖上蛋糕并在55分钟时,取下锡纸。如果烤好的蛋糕中间部位带有小山形,可将刚出炉的蛋糕倒扣在冷却架上十分钟才翻转,进行冷却





  • Chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. Another super bake from u. Looks so rich and moist. So when u add in the mocha batter do u spread it evenly to cover the whole area? Also the final top layer is it the cake batter or mocha batter. Thanks for your help. Looks so irresistible! By the way does this cake cracks? Thanks chloe

  • Hi Chloe, no, I did not spread mocha batter on the entire area . Interesting u asked that as I had the same question in my mind. I made this 3x, using different method and realised it is very much like making a zebra cake.

    Yes the cake does crack a little but invert it once out of oven and press it back to shape. U will get a balanced looking cake.

    Hope this helps

  • Jeannie says:

    Is this butter cake recipe?

  • Chloe says:

    Hi Victoria. Sorry questions again. So u spread 1/3 cake batter and just dollop a tabsp of mocha batter in the center and then continue to addn the next 1/3 cake batter!. Did u end with the cake batter or mocha batter as last layer. Thanks for all help Chloe.

  • Erlinda says:

    Hi Victoria. I\’ve just tried this and it turned out beautiful! Crunchy on the outside soft in the inside. Thanks for the recipe. Keep up the good work! Xoxo

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