IMG_9993ingredients (7 inch square pan)

600g tapioca (yellow meat)
150ml water
250ml thick coconut milk
150g sugar
50g tapioca starch, sifted

1 large banana leaf


水 150毫升
浓椰浆 250毫升
糖 150克
茨粉/木薯粉 50克,过筛

香蕉叶 1大片


IMG_9962IMG_9963IMG_9964peel and wash tapioca. remove the core (see the wick?)
if you do not remove this, the end result will be a lumpy cake texture

IMG_9965soak tapioca in water for 4 hours
木薯浸水 4小时

IMG_9981mix water with coconut milk

IMG_9982grind tapioca to a fine crumb using food processor

IMG_9983pour in coconut milk and blend well

IMG_9984add in sugar. blend once again

IMG_9985finally add in tapioca starch. mix well

IMG_9986line bottom of pan with banana leaf and grease the leaf, and sides of pan with coconut oil (vegetable oil ok)
烤盘底部铺上香蕉叶。蕉叶和烤盘四面抹上椰子油(素油也 OK)

IMG_9987pour in batter

IMG_9991bake in centre rack of preheated oven of 180 degrees C for about 1 hr 40 mins
送入预热至 180摄氏度烤箱中层烤 1小时 40分钟

– allow cake to cool for at least 4 hours. unmould, and slice to serve
蛋糕冷却自少 4小时后再脱模、切片享用


  • Jen tan says:

    Can I use 350ml thick coconut milk instead of adding 150ml water into the coconut milk, I prefer more coconut fragrance. Why soak tapioca in water for 4hrs. Thanks, Victoria

    • no, please do not use 350ml coconut milk.

      without getting into too much details ~ the purpose of soaking tapioca is to allow the cyanogenic glycosides (cyanide) to dissolve (not sure if i got the translation right). in chinese, we say 氰苷溶解. if tapioca is not prepared correctly, we can get cyanide poisoning.

      you can google to find out more in case you are keen to read about this. hope this helps.

  • Jen tan says:

    Thank you for your reply

  • Wendy Wong says:

    Hi! For the thick coconut milk, can I use coconut cream in packet instead?

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