IMG_1922ingredients (11 x 14 inch pan, lined)

80g egg yolk (c. 4 large egg yolk)
50ml coconut oil
35ml full cream milk
45g honey
75g cake flour, sifted twice

160g egg white (c. 4 large egg white)
40g caster sugar

2 large oranges

nutella, as appropriate

IMG_1924食材(11 x 14寸烤盘、铺上烘焙纸)

蛋黄 80克(约 4颗大蛋黄)
椰子油 50毫升
全脂奶 35毫升
蜂蜜 45克
蛋糕粉 75克、过筛两次

蛋白 160克(约 4颗大蛋白)
绵白糖 40克

香橙 2大颗

nutella 巧克力榛果酱、适量


IMG_1893slice about 10 thin slices of oranges from the middle of part of the orange
(this is to ensure you have a standard orange slice)
从香橙中间部位切出 10片薄薄的香橙片

IMG_1894place orange slices into a pan and cover with water. add in 2 tbsp of sugar
simmer for 15 mins over low heat
香橙片放入煎锅、水量覆盖香橙片。水中加入 2大匙糖
以小火将香橙片焖 15分钟

IMG_1895remove orange slices and pat dry on kitchen towel

IMG_1896line orange slices onto pan, ugly side of oranges facing upwards

IMG_1897prepare batter ~ beat egg yolk briefly then add in coconut oil
whisk to mix

IMG_1898add milk and honey
whisk well once again

IMG_1899 IMG_1900add flour at one go and whisk till batter is no longer lumpy

IMG_1901add sugar to egg white in 3 additions and whisk till stiff and shiny peak

IMG_1902fold egg white meringue into egg yolk batter in 3 additions
fold well after each addition

IMG_1904pour batter into pan
tap pan lightly on table top and smoothen surface with spatula

IMG_1905bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C, centre rack for 20 mins
送入预热至 180摄氏度烤箱中层烤 20分钟

IMG_1906place a clean piece of baking paper on top of cake
(i.e. the side of the cake facing upwards without orange slices)
revert immediately on cooling rack

IMG_1907peel away baking paper immediately

IMG_1908then cover the cake with the clean side of that same piece of paper
allow cake to cool completely

IMG_1909 IMG_1910trim the top and bottom of the cake
(trim the cake furthest from you at an angle)

IMG_1911flip the cake so the browned side is facing upwards
spread nutella onto cake
蛋糕体翻面(上色那面朝上)、抹上 nutella 榛果酱

IMG_1912 IMG_1913roll cake up with the help of baking paper

IMG_1921chill cake for a few hours before slicing




  • May Law says:

    我是越来越佩服亲你做蛋糕的手法了, 太厉害了啦!
    铺着橙片却也能卷得怎么好, 不愧是高手中的高手了!

  • tracy says:

    hi,slice the orange with the orange skin together or without?

  • Thea Ong says:

    so pretty, and thumbs up for the master skill!

  • Susanne Ng says:

    Lovely.. thanks for sharing! Can I ask what\’s the purpose of boiling the orange slices in syrup first? Am learning lots here. Thanks!

  • Veronica Ng says:

    What a marvellous idea with the beautiful orange slices! Thanks for sharing Victoria.

  • tan says:

    Hi.wish to know the pan or baking need to grease some oil 1st before place and orange and pour the batter? Because i have difficult to tear of the baking paper after stick to the orange and when i tear my whole cake was spoil…after baking need wait cool b4 tear the baking paper? Pls advice..thanks

    • Hi, u only need to line the pan. There are only two reasons on difficulty of tearing baking paper – cake needs longer baking time and second, u must use better baking paper. I have heard from many friends with torn cakes but succeeded after changing baking paper. Maybe worth investing in a good roll, and no, no need to cool cake before peeling paper. You risk condensation on cake which is not good . Hope this helps

      • tan says:

        Hi..thanks for your advice .will try again tonite..hope it success..and i need use clin wrap to wrap the roll and chilled before slice? My pan is 25cm x is ok with ur recepi batter?

        • U will most likely need more filling and end up with an O shape roll, not an enclosed roll like mine. Yes always chill till firm before slicing . Good luck, it will be a success. I never seen people fail when they keep trying and you will be one of them 🙂

      • tan says:

        Thanks i baked my roll..i already bought a good baking paper..trying my luck now..may i know can i chilled the roll until tomorrow only sliced? If not eat finish how to keep this roll? Wrap and keep back to fridge?

  • tan says:

    Oh sad..when i wrap the roll was the orange round side crack..why will like that dear

    • this is your second try? so you peeled off the paper without problem ya? ok ~ presumably no over baking (overbaking dries cake and it cracks easily when rolling), rolling cake, unfortunately.. is a skill that takes practise.
      if you are trying to achieve the enclosed roll with a 25 x 25, it is not possible. when rolling, the first thing to bear in mind is to just roll the cake up first. then you can remove the parchment paper (or cling wrap if you use to roll the cake ~ i don\’t use it though as it leaves a lot of marks ~ personal preference), place roll on it, and roll the paper up, but tighten the roll along the way (not sure if you can understand what i\’m saying)

      • tan says:

        U mean u dont use cling wrap to roll the cake? It will leave alot marks?

        • As u can see in post, I use baking paper. Cling wrap tends to wrinkle more than baking paper. That\’s what I feel. Everyone has different preference. I know cling wrap gives a tighter roll but if needed, I suggest baking paper, then tighten with wrap. Once again, personal preference

      • tan says:

        Actually after take out from oven my cake is in good…than tear the baking paper from the orange slice..after tear i turn back the cake to brown side the cake start cracked..coz turn the cake quite curious…after take from oven v need turn the cake out from the pan.after cake out from pan the orange slice side will face ur step there the brown side face us and advice to place a new baking paper on it and cool was the step actually? And my cake when slice the orange slice is quite hard..what the purpose to boil the orange slice in begining? Can advice again how the step after the roll take out from oven? Thanks

        • 1. After cake is out, place a new piece of baking paper on TOP of cake (the side without orange). The turn cake upside down so the orange side is facing up
          2. Peel off paper from orange side then place it back to prevent cake from drying. Do not cool cake with orange side down because that will leave unnecessary marks on it from the baking paper due to moist
          3. U must boil the orange to soften the orange. Otherwise there\’s no way you can eat the orange with the skin and roll the cake. If your orange is hard, u need to boil longer till it is soft.
          I hope you find this clearer

  • tan says:

    Thanks alot for your advice..already bought orange and try again tonite……hope will success tonite and let you know my good news…the last want to ask is how to make sure that the orange slice skin is soft and ready for take out? It is better to slice more thin the orange for easy boil? How longer should boil for soft orange?

    • Hi, if u refer to my first two instruction pictures, I emphasised to slice thin slices. It really helps 🙂 please simmer for 15mins. U can try pressing the orange slices. It should feel soft. Good luck and all the best

      • tan says:

        Hi.Totally understood now..thanks alot..last nite i have try again but not ur orange swiss roll..i changed to your three wise monkey printed swiss roll due to the orange i bought is not nice..will try tonite or tomorrow..

        My roll is successful..i tried my melody picture..all is nice and yummy too..just the picture is terbalik printed in my to make it correct pic in my cake? It is i need put the picture opposite way ? So that when printed out on cake it was face on me..hehe

  • tan says:

    Thanks..very happy..hope my orange will success.too..will let u know ya..between may i know yr threee monkey is call what flavour swiss roll? I been asked by hubby what of the name of this swiss roll? Butter? Basic? Hehe

  • 亲亲,这是我看过最漂亮的香橙蛋糕卷!

  • Weibin says:

    THe cake looks wonderful! May I ask if I can substitute the coconut oil with vegetable oil? Thanks!

  • Sif Oi says:

    So tempted to try this cake, but i do wondering, does the orange taste bitter? since it has the white part which we all know it’s the bitter part of an orange..
    Thanks you in advance..

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