IMG_2921ingredients (makes 9)

230g bread flour
20g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2.5g instant dry yeast
30g egg
50ml water
75ml full cream milk
1 tbsp distilled vinegar
30g butter, melted

IMG_2923食材(可做 9个)

面包粉 230克
糖 20克
盐 1/2小匙
即溶干酵母 2.5克
蛋液 30克
水 50毫升
全脂奶 75毫升
白醋 1大匙
黄油 30克、融化


stir vinegar into milk and allow to sit for 5 mins till it curdles
将白醋倒入牛奶、静置 5分钟至到其开始凝结

mix all ingredients together and knead till you get a soft and silky dough
(no need to knead till window pane)
this took me about 15 mins
全程搓揉时间约 15分钟

allow to proof till double in size

punch dough down, dust with flour and knead gently
(dough cannot be too sticky, otherwise you cannot cut out the doughnuts properly. but please DO NOT over flour the dough)
allow to rest for 10 mins
静置 10分钟

roll out into a half inch thick dough sheet

use doughnut cutter to cut out individual portions
i do not have doughnut cutter
and used a 6.5cm cookie cutter for the donut and a 3.5cm cookie cutter for the hole
(re-roll, rest and cut out remaining dough)
用了 6.5厘米圆形曲奇模切出甜甜圈外围、小圈圈用了 3.5厘米模具

place cutout donuts on individually cut out baking paper
cover with lightly greased cling wrap and proof till 1.5x the original size
让其发酵至原面团的 1.5倍

heat oil in saucepan till about 180 degrees C
锅中的油加热至 180摄氏度

if you do not have a thermometer, you can use a donut hole to test the oil’s temperature
(if temperature of oil is too high, the doughnut will brown almost instantly but this will leave the internal uncooked
if the oil is not hot enough, your dough will first sink to the bottom,
and take its time to cook, resulting in an oily doughnut

once satisfied with the oil temperature,
drop in a doughnut together with the baking paper
(similar to how we boil bagels.. but thanks to Charmaine for reminding us of this method)
the paper will float or you can just pick it up with chopsticks and throw away
turn doughnut once the bottom turns golden brown
油温 OK 后,将一份甜甜圈连烘焙纸放入油锅
(和制做贝果相似。。但还是感谢 Charmaine 的温馨提醒)

leave donuts to drain oil on kitchen towel
cool slightly then coat with sugar whilst they are still warm





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  • Hoay Wen (May 23, 2016)

    Can I replace egg with something else?

    • Victoria Bakes (May 23, 2016)

      hi, i just managed to experiment with this recipe to be frank so i haven’t tried eggless version. i do not see why you can’t though. i will probably just substitute with slightly more milk & vinegar, or with buttermilk/yogurt.

  • Mila (May 23, 2016)


  • Lily (May 23, 2016)

    Hi! Can bake it instead of deep fried?

    • Victoria Bakes (May 23, 2016)

      hi, you can try but please do not expect the same texture

  • Lily (May 23, 2016)

    Ok., will give a try. Thanks

  • Veronica Ng (May 23, 2016)

    Wow, nice and sweet!

  • Wanwantea (May 26, 2016)


  • Gerre (June 6, 2016)

    I tried today, my dough is not like yours even though i use machine to knead like 1/2 hr, it is still sticky, i oiled my palm n work with the dough, its quite difficult to cut the soft dough using doughnut cutter. After frying, its so tasty, crispy on the outside n soft inside, heavenly! By the way what is the purpose of putting the dough on the baking paper to fry together? Is it the dough is too sticky to use hand?

    • Victoria (June 7, 2016)

      Hello Gerre, good job on pressing on! if i were you , i may have just thrown in lots of flour but you did get a great output so i’m really happy. the purpose of slipping the dough with the paper to fry is because this is a sticky dough. if you attempt to pull it off the paper post proofing, it may deflate the dough or deshape the dough which was the case for me. many bagels boiling method do the same as well. hope this helps

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