IMG_3514a lot of readers have been asking about my “disappearance”.. well, it has been a crazy time for me since july
i have now relocated back to singapore and life has also found a brand new meaning for me
thank you for your PMs, and emails
i am very well and focusing on a new priority in life
some say when a woman blogger disappears, she is either busy with publishing a book or has gone away to give birth
i leave the possibilities to your imagination

ingredients (450g loaf pan)

270g bread flour
43g sugar
108g milk
22g water
1 egg (net weight of my egg was 54g)
5g salt
43g butter
4g instant dry yeast


面包粉 270克
糖 43克
牛奶 108克
水 22克
鸡蛋 1克(我用的鸡蛋净重为 54克)
盐 5克
黄油 43克
即溶干酵母 4克


IMG_3488mix all ingredients together (except salt, butter and yeast)
knead till you get a rough dough
this was how mine look like after 7 mins of machine kneading
我耗了约 7分钟用厨师器揉面

IMG_3489add in salt, butter and yeast and continue kneading till window pane stage

mine was still very sticky after 20 mins of kneading
so i took it out of the machine and hand kneaded with lightly greased palm
i did not add additional flour
once i got a silky dough
i placed it back in the machine and continued kneading for 10 mins
揉面 20分钟后,哇噻。。面团还是粘边
手揉至面团有光泽后,我将面团摆回厨师器。续揉 10分钟

allow dough to proof for 50 mins
面团发酵 50分钟

after 50 mins, use a lightly greased spatula to flip the dough
(i.e. bottom facing upwards)
continue to proof till double in size in a 24-27 degrees C environment
以 24-27摄氏度温度发酵面团至双倍大

IMG_3496punch dough down, and divide into 3 equal portions
shape each into a ball and rest for 15 mins
(i rest mine for 30 mins)
面团排气、分割成 3等份
面团搓成圆球、静置 15分钟
(我静置了 30分钟)

roll dough out and swiss roll tightly

IMG_3499place dough with seam side facing upwards
rest dough for 15 mins
(i rested mine for 30 mins)
静置 15分钟
(我静置了 30分钟)

once again, roll out and swiss roll
place shaped dough into greased pan
allow to proof in a 34-37 degrees C environment
以 34-37摄氏度发酵面团

proof dough till it reaches 80% height of pan
preheat oven to 200 degrees C
面团发酵至烤盘 8分满
烤箱预热至 200摄氏度

bake in second lowest rack of preheated oven
this was the height of my dough when it went into the oven
(i should have let it rise a little bit more)

IMG_3508after 5 mins of baking, the loaf would have risen
turn temperature down to 175 degrees C
这是放入烤箱 5分钟后的高度
烤箱降温至 175摄氏度

IMG_3510after 8 mins of baking, the top would have browned
tent with foil
continue baking till loaf is baked
total baking time is about 40 mins
(i baked mine for 37 mins)
全程烘焙时间约 40分钟
(我烤了 37分钟)



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