ingredients (8 inch non-stick round cake pan)

250g cream cheese
50g whipping cream
100g milk
80g butter

50g milk
25g potato starch

5 large egg white
80g caster sugar
10g potato starch
1 tsp lemon juice

5 large egg yolk
2 tbsp vanilla paste (optional)


奶油奶酪 250克
淡奶油 50克
牛奶 100克
黄油 80克

牛奶 50克
土豆淀粉 25克

蛋白、大号 5颗
细砂糖 80克
土豆淀粉 10克
柠檬汁 1小匙

蛋黄、大号 5颗
香草膏 2大匙(可免)


mix and stir all A ingredients together over a pot of simmering water till smooth
remove from heat and sieve 3 times
将所有 A食材混合、隔热水搅拌至顺滑

mix all B ingredients together and stir gently into A
B食材混合后轻轻拌入 A

mix D ingredients and stir into the above cream cheese batter
cling wrap and chill for 30 mins
盖上保鲜膜、冷藏 30分钟

pour lemon juice into egg white and beat till frothy
add in potato starch and sugar in 3 additions and beat till soft peak
fold egg white meringue into cream cheese batter in 3 additions

pour batter into cake pan and tap lightly to remove air bubbles

bake in second lowest rack of 180 degrees C preheated oven using steam bath (NOT WATER BATH~ i.e. pan does not sit in water tray) for 20 mins. once browned, bring temperature down to 145 degrees C and bake for another 65 mins
turn off heat, and open oven door slightly. keep cake inside oven for another 20 mins
(baking time and temperature for reference only)
送入预热至 180摄氏度倒数第二层烤箱、蒸烤发(不是水浴法!~烤盘不坐热水)烤 20分钟直到上色。上色满意后,降温至 145摄氏度续烤 65分钟
熄火、烤箱门开个小缝。蛋糕继续坐在烤箱 20分钟

unmould cake within 30 mins (from turning off oven heat) BUT DO NOT REMOVE BASE
chill cake WITH BASE overnight before slicing
蛋糕需在30分钟内脱模 (从熄火时间算起)、但烤盘底部切勿脱掉

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– substitute potato starch with corn starch

– i greased my pan lightly, resulting in a slightly browned side
这次在烤盘摸了少许黄油、导致烤出来的蛋糕边缘稍微上色 ~ 美中不足

– i have made this cake many times, playing around with vanilla extract, vanilla paste, and the quantity required. with 2 tbsp vanilla paste, the cake taste very good, without the after taste of the eggs
这个蛋糕我试做了 N 次 ~ 香草精、香草膏、1大匙、2小匙。。得出的结论是 2大匙的味道最佳 ~不但吃不出蛋糕的蛋味儿,蛋糕也特香

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