ingredients (8 inch round mould)

6 large egg yolk
70g coconut oil/unsalted butter
2 tbsp instant espresso powder + 70ml hot water + milk = 100ml
85g cake flour, sifted
15g cocoa powder, sifted
1 tbsp espresso paste (coffee paste/coffee oil/chocolate paste ok)

6 large egg white
90g caster sugar


蛋黄 6颗、大号
椰油/无盐黄油 70克
即溶浓缩咖啡粉 2大匙+热水 70毫升 + 牛奶 = 100毫升
蛋糕粉 85克、过筛
可可粉 15克、过筛
浓缩咖啡膏 1大匙(咖啡膏、咖啡油、巧克力膏 OK)

蛋白 6颗、大号
细砂糖 90克


heat oil till you see waves and pour into sifted flour and cocoa powder
stir well and pour in 100ml of espresso-milk mixture
mix thoroughly to form a soft dough
拌匀后加入 100毫升的咖啡牛奶

add in egg yolk one at a time
incorporate well before finally stirring in espresso paste

add sugar to egg white in 3 additions
beat till stiff peak
fold in 1/3 portion of egg white meringue into egg yolk batter
then pour the entire egg yolk batter into remaining egg white meringue
fold to incorporate then pour batter into cake pan

bake using only TOP HEAT on second lowest rack of 170 degrees C preheated oven using water bath method for 25-30 mins till the top browns (i baked for 26 mins)
lower temperature to 150 degrees C and continue baking using top & bottom heat for 45 mins till cake is cooked
(baking temperature/time for reference only)
蛋糕送入预热至 170摄氏度倒数第二层烤箱、水浴法、仅上火将蛋糕烤 25-30分钟、或至到上色满意为止(我烤了 26分钟)
温度降低至 150摄氏度续烤 45分钟至到蛋糕烤熟即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– in love with baking with coffee these days ‘cos i laid my hands on this espresso paste
最近爱上玩咖啡口味的么么 ~ 就因为它 ~ 这款浓缩咖啡膏烘焙出来的一切都特香

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