ingredients (makes 9 small cakes)

150g cream cheese, softened
15g powdered monkfruit sweetener/icing sugar
120g fresh mango puree
5g gelatin powder
30g water

150g whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla paste

8 slices chocolate chiffon cake (optional)

食材 (可做 9个小蛋糕)

奶油奶酪 150克、软化
罗汉果糖粉/糖粉 20克
新鲜芒果泥 120克
鱼胶粉 5克
水 30克

淡奶油 150克
香草膏 1小匙

巧克力戚风蛋糕 8片(可免)


beat cream cheese with monkfruit sweetener till well mix
add in mango puree and incorporate well

sift cream cheese batter

sprinkle gelatin powder into water and allow to sit till all liquid has been absorbed
place bowl into another bowl of hot water and stir till gelatin dissolves completely

stir gelatin mixture into cream cheese batter and stir well

beat whipping cream with vanilla paste till it thickens
add cream cheese batter into whipped cream and mix well

pour mousse batter to half the height of the mould
place a piece of chiffon cake on top (apologies forgot to take picture)

fill batter to top of mould
freeze for at least 4 hours before unmoulding
冷冻至少 4 小时在脱模

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i tapped my mould too hard in an effort to spread the mousse batter evenly into the cavity of the mould. this caused some of the cake slices to float upwards. so avoid making my mistake
为了让面糊均匀满模,我将模具猛拍了数次。这造成了蛋糕片往上浮。所以亲们切勿“模仿” 此错误行为哈

– this is the monkfruit powdered sweetener i’m using. i bought it from
这是咱们家用的罗汉果糖粉~在 可买到

– you can find the link to the mould here. if you have compatibility issues with chinese characters, you can try typing the words “net red cat and mouse cheese mold mousse cake silicone” into your search engine

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  • Sun says:

    Hi there! I wonder if I could replace the chiffon cake with something else because I do not know how to bake a chiffon cake.

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