ingredients (makes 10)

200g hong kong/pau flour
2g instant dry yeast
10g caster sugar
10g coconut oil
110g ice water

1/2 portion japanese custard


香港水仙粉/包粉 200克
即溶干酵母 2克
细砂糖 10克
椰油 10克
冰水 110克

日式卡仕达酱 1/2份


mix all dough ingredients together and knead till you get a soft dough
(no need to knead till window pane)
divide dough into 10 portions of 32g dough and the remaining shaped into small rain-drop dough
面团分割成 10个 32克面团、剩余的整形成雨点状小面团

dust tabletop with potato/corn starch GENEROUSLY
roll out a portion of dough into a disc and place in a portion of filling (filling being 16g per portion)

pleat dough as above

bring a pot of water to boil then place in buns
steam over high heat for 4mins 20 secs
turn off heat, and allow buns to sit in for another 4mins 30secs before removing
(steaming time for reference only)
以猛火蒸 4分20秒
熄火、需焖 4分30秒再开盖儿哈

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:
– you can substitute oil with other odourless cooking oil

– making pleated steam buns is different from making bread. as much as a hydrated dough yields soft bread, the pleats will not be refined post steaming. hence you must flour the tabletop generously when rolling out dough. also adjust hydration required accordingly

– make sure custard is chilled before shaping. mine wasn’t chilled enough so it made pleating challenging

– feel free to substitute filling with other filling

– i am making the bun in hot singapore. so i chill each bun after pleating, and remove from chiller just before steaming. i leave it out for about 15-20 mins before putting into steamer to steam
在炎热的新加坡制作包子不简单~面团发得有点快。所以我每包完一个就冷藏一个。要蒸之前,将所需包子从冷藏库取出,回温 15-20分钟,就即可上锅蒸

– some people do not like the pointed top. they choose to use a skewer to prick a hole on the top. all about personal preference

– everyone has their own way of pleating buns ~ thumb only, thumb and index finger or 3 fingers like me. use whichever way that is most comfortable. most importantly, be patient… you will like to achieve about 32 pleats if possible.

– proportion of dough to filling should be 2:1
面片对内陷比例为 2:1

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