ingredients (450g loaf pan) 250g bread flour, sifted 40g mini marshmallow 25g egg 200g plain yogurt, unsweetened 3g instant dry yeast 3g sea salt 40g white chocolate, chopped 30g dried cranberries, chopped 食材(450克烤盘) 面包粉 250克、过筛 迷你棉花糖 40克 蛋液 25克 无糖酸奶 200克 即溶干酵母 3克 海盐 3克 白巧克力 40克、剁碎 蔓越莓干 30克、切小片 Directions/做法 mix all ingredients (except salt, white chocolate and cranberries) and knead till window pane stage[…]

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ice bun

ingredients (makes 6) killer toast dough (1 portion) filling 2 egg yolk 30g monk fruit sweetener (substitute with sugar) 10g potato starch, sifted (substitute with corn starch) 150g milk, boiled 5g butter 1/2 tsp vanilla paste 15g icing sugar 80g cream cheese, softened 90g whipping cream 食材(可做6 个) 夺命软吐司面团 (1份) 内馅 蛋黄 2个 罗汉果糖精 30克(可用白糖替代) 土豆淀粉 10克、过筛(可用玉米淀粉替代) 牛奶 150克、沸腾 黄油 5克 浓缩香草精 1/2小匙 糖粉 15克[…]

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this was so popular since mid 2016.. well, that shows how long i haven’t been baking? 马后炮。。疯迷一时的盐面包,我才做?可见我有多长时间没开炉 ingredients (makes about 12 rolls) 180g bread flour 60g cake flour 10g full cream milk powder 2.5g instant dry yeast 15g caster sugar 4.5g salt 35g egg 115g water 22g whipping cream 16g butter filling 50g salted butter, softened finishing 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp water coarse[…]


a lot of readers have been asking about my “disappearance”.. well, it has been a crazy time for me since july i have now relocated back to singapore and life has also found a brand new meaning for me thank you for your PMs, and emails i am very well and focusing on a new priority in life some say when a woman blogger disappears,[…]


ingredients (450g loaf pan, greased) 250g bread flour 10g cocoa powder 40g caster sugar 3g salt 3g instant dry yeast 165g water 25g egg 18g butter 食材(450克吐司模、抹油) 面包粉 250克 可可粉 10克 绵白糖 40克 盐 3克 即溶干酵母 3克 水 165克 蛋液 25克 黄油 18克 Directions/做法 mix all ingredients (except butter) together and knead till everything comes together this is how my dough looks like after 10[…]


some of the many animals in my “farm” wahahahaha 出自俺家哒小动物。。VB VB had a farm… yee ya yee ya oooo baby seal chocolate cream bun 海豹BB巧克力酱餐包 bak kwa bread roll 肉干餐包  baby elephant ham & cheese bread 象宝宝火腿奶酪餐包  soft hippo breakfast rolls 河马软餐包 japanese custard bun 日式卡仕达面包 baby reindeer chocolate buns 驯鹿宝宝巧克力面包 5 thousand-dollar starter dough luncheon meat & egg breakfast bun 五千元餐蛋老式面包 hi-calcium pig-pig milk bread[…]

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ingredients (makes 5 buns) dough 150g bread flour 30g glutinous rice flour 25g caster sugar 1g salt 3g instant dry yeast 35g egg 100g full cream milk 20g butter red bean paste filling (feel free to use store bought) 300g unsweetened cooked red bean (net weight after draining away water) 40g coconut flower sugar *preferred. dark brown sugar is fine 100g full cream milk 45g[…]


ingredients (makes 9) 250g bread flour 200g full cream milk 10g sugar 3g salt 10g butter 3g instant dry yeast finishing 1 egg yolk cocoa powder, sifted 食材(可做 9个) 面包粉 250克 全脂奶 200克 糖 10克 盐 3克 黄油 10克 即溶干酵母 3克 收尾 蛋黄 1颗 可可粉、过筛  Directions/做法 mix all ingredients together (except butter) and knead till you get a soft dough (machine kneading: about 10 mins) 所有食材(除黄油)混合、和面成团[…]


not an easy dough to handle.. calculate the percentage of hydration and you know what i mean 面团不是很好使~算一算含水量就知道哈 ingredients (makes a 450g loaf) poolish starter 50g bread flour 50g water 1g instant dry yeast main dough 200g bread flour 28g caster sugar 3g salt 28g egg 68g whipping cream 65g milk 2g instant dry yeast 15g butter 食材(可做一条 450克吐司) 波兰酵头 面包粉 50克 水 50克 即溶干酵母[…]


ingredients 1 portion of killer toast recipe * please refer to personal notes filling 25g butter 40g gula melaka, chopped 10g coconut cream powder 35g egg 90g freshly grated coconut 食材 夺命软吐司面团 1份 *请参考温馨小贴士 内馅 黄油 25克 马六甲椰糖 40克、剁碎 速溶椰浆粉 10克 蛋液 35克 新鲜椰丝 90克 Directions/做法 prepare filling: melt gula melaka with butter over low heat. do not boil stir till gula melaka has dissolved,[…]

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