ingredients (makes about 20 mini snacks) 30g egg yolk 10g full cream milk 8g vegetable/salad oil 1 tsp vanilla extract 10g cake flour 5g potato starch (corn starch ok) 45g egg white 25g caster sugar filling red bean paste, as appropriate 食材(可做约 20个小蛋糕) 蛋黄液 30克 全脂奶 10克 素油/沙拉油 8克 香草精 1小匙 蛋糕粉 10克 片粟粉 5克(粟粉 OK) 蛋白 45克 绵白糖 25克 内馅 红豆沙、适量 Directions/做法 add vanilla[…]


ingredients (14 x 11 inch pan, greased & lined) swiss roll 4 large eggs 95g caster sugar 1 tsp coffee oil (coffee extract ok) 40g full cream milk 15g butter, melted and cooled 25g 2-in-1 white coffee powder (i highly recommend Super brand) 60g cake flour filling 280g raw cashews, soaked overnight & rinsed 100g soya milk (any nut milk also OK) 60ml honey 4[…]

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 ingredients (makes about 15 cones) 150g butter 110g sugar 180g egg c. 3 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla paste 60ml full cream milk 1 tbsp distilled vinegar 60g cake flour 20g cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda 100g nestum 15 ice cream cones 食材(可做约 15个) 黄油 150克 糖 110克 蛋液 180克、约 3颗大鸡蛋 香草糊 1小匙 全脂奶 60毫升 白醋 1大匙 蛋糕粉 60克 可可粉[…]


ingredients  60g egg 15g caster sugar 25g cake flour, sifted icing sugar, as appropriate water, as appropriate 食材 蛋液 60克 绵白糖 15克 蛋糕粉 25克、过筛 糖粉、适量 水、适量 Directions/做法 prepare 6 empty white egg shells rinse and allow to dry 将六个白色鸡蛋掏空 过水、晾干待用 whisk egg briefly then add in sugar 蛋液略打散后加入白糖 beat till thick, glossy peaks 打发至湿润、蓬松状 add in flour and fold well 加入面粉、翻拌均匀 spoon batter into egg[…]


 ingredients (grease & line three 7 inch square pan) 480g egg yolk c. 24 large egg yolk 300g butter 215g caster sugar 90g cake flour 30g potato starch (corn starch OK) 2 tbsp milk powder 1 tbsp vanilla paste pinch of salt 20g cocoa powder, sifted 35ml hot water (please adjust accordingly) 1 tbsp bailey’s chocolate luxe 1 1/2 tbsp homemade pandan paste (please reduce[…]

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not very well done this time.. wrinkly marilyn please refer to this post for free-style cake drawing 这次做得不是太好。。美女在我手下瞬间老化了。。呵呵 徒手绘画蛋糕图解可参考此链接 japanese sponge cake recipe adapted from this post 日式海绵蛋糕食谱请参考此链接 Directions/做法 print out desired image and place a piece of baking paper on top grease these well so they stick on the base of the pan properly try to flatten out creases (otherwise your picture will turn out like[…]


i love lapis..  do you? some of my top lapis posts… 就爱千层蛋糕。。你叻? 我家热门の千层蛋糕 不好吃、不收钱 cream cheese lapis legit & surabaya layered cake 苏拉巴亚奶油奶酪千层蛋糕 traditional kek lapis 传统烤千层蛋 mocha kek lapis 摩卡千层蛋糕lapis chocolate mint 巧克力薄荷千层蛋糕 bailey’s lapis legit 百利酒千层蛋糕 lapis pisang (banana layer cake) 香蕉千层蛋糕


ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable base, UNGREASED & UNLINED) 35g butter 35g cake flour, sifted twice 15g ground peanut powder, sifted twice with cake flour 50g condense milk 50g unsweetened peanut butter 3 egg yolk 1 egg 3 egg white 20g coconut sugar 20g caster sugar 食材(6寸活动底圆形烤模。无需抹油或铺烘焙纸) 黄油 35克 蛋糕粉 35克、过筛两次 花生粉 15克、和蛋糕一道过筛两次 炼奶 50克 无糖花生酱 50克 蛋黄 3颗 鸡蛋 1颗 蛋白 3颗[…]

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ingredients (8 inch square pan, lined) 125g butter. melted and cooled 4 large eggs, separated 1 tbsp bailey’s chocolate luxe (substitute with vanilla paste or chocolate extract) 150g caster sugar 45g cocoa powder 110g cake flour 1 tsp espresso powder 1 tbsp water 500g full cream milk pinch of salt 80g walnuts, chopped 食材(8寸方形烤盘、铺上烘焙纸) 黄油 125克、溶化并冷却 鸡蛋 4大颗、蛋白和蛋黄分开 巧克力百利酒 1大匙(可用香草糊或巧克力香精替代) 绵白糖 150克 可可粉 45克 蛋糕粉[…]


ingredients (11 x 14 inch baking pan, greased & lined) 4 large eggs 3/4 tsp coffee oil (substitute with coffee extract) 85g caster sugar 75g cake flour 2 tsp espresso 40g full cream milk 15g butter filling 165g toblerone, chopped 60ml full cream milk (feel free to use almond, soy, or rice milk) 55g coconut oil pinch of salt 食材(11 x 14寸长方形烤盘、抹油铺上烘焙纸) 鸡蛋 4大颗 咖啡油[…]

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