i recently learned about this from a hong kong tv show and decided to google on it.. very easy to prepare… very yummy.. very spongy QQ~~ following is the original recipe… do note my modifications under personal notes and NO, this cake is not suppose to have a beehive look 近期煲剧时得知这么一种传统糕点。。搜了搜。。还真挺有趣滴。。 于是就开锅~嘿。。简易。。。好吃。。弹牙。。。QQ! 先给大家呈现原食谱~我的调整备注在温馨小贴士 不!这蛋糕做出来木有蜂窝巢内在美哈 ingredients (6 inch square pan, greased and lined) brown honey syrup[…]


very good recipe to use up all the “leftovers” and expiring ingredients in the kitchen 消耗就过期和剩余食材的好食谱 recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于: 怪叔叔 ingredients (6 inch square pan or 7 inch round pan with removable bottom preferred ~ wrap bottom with foil, grease and line pan) 220g butter 300g sweeten condensed milk 285g eggs (net weight, c. 5 eggs) 1 tsp vanilla paste 80g nestum 350g biscuits/cookies[…]

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made this in chocolate flavour earlier.. it was really good so, who says we can’t have Chinese New Year goodies during christmas? don’t they look so pretty, like christmas trees? 较早前做过巧克力版滴。。超好吃。。 谁说千层蛋糕是春节的小吃? 觉不觉得这一块儿块儿看似挂上灯饰的圣诞树?可爱呗 ҉*( ‘ω’ )/*҉ ingredients (6 inch square pan, greased & lined) A 280g butter 100g sugar B 157g egg yolk + 263g egg (or use 420g egg c. 7 large eggs) * whisk[…]


ingredients (6 inch square pan with removable bottom, greased & lined) 227g butter 200g sweeten condense milk 150g kaya 1 tsp vanilla extract 105g egg yolk 125g eggs 60g sugar 75g Nestum 80g milo powder 70g cake flour, sifted 1/2 tsp baking powder 食材(6寸活动底方形烤盘,抹油、铺上烘焙纸) 黄油 227克 甜炼奶 200克 咖椰 150克 香草精 1小匙 蛋黄 105克 蛋液 125克 糖 60克 Nestum 75克 美禄饮料粉 80克 蛋糕粉 70克,过筛 泡打粉[…]


ingredients (6 inch square pan, line bottom with banana leaf) glutinous rice layer A 300g white glutinous rice, rinsed 1 tsp lemon juice 120ml water 150ml blue pea flower solution 60ml concentrated coconut milk (see picture at personal notes) 1 tsp sea salt kaya layer B 60g tapioca flour 55g rice flour 70g egg 150ml concentrated coconut milk 100ml pandan juice C 90g caster sugar[…]


a not-so-frequently-seen (yet must order) item on teahouse’ dim sum menu 一道不常在茶楼供应但一见必点的粤式点心 ingredients (grease & line 20 x 20cm square pan) cake 40g cake flour 1/4 tsp baking powder 2 pinch of baking soda 60g egg yolk (c. 3 large egg yolk) 17g sugar 1 tbsp evaporated milk 10g coconut oil (feel free to substitute with other vegetable oil) custard filling 15g cornstarch 8g custard[…]


ingredients (makes 6 small carp) 100g glutinous rice flour 20g wheat starch 40g sugar 50ml water 90ml coconut milk ( i used ayam brand) orange-red food colouring pumpkin powder dark cocoa power 食材(可做 6小条鲤鱼年糕) 糯米粉 100克 澄面粉 20克 糖 40克 水 50毫升 椰浆 90毫升(我用 Ayam 牌) 橙红色素粉 南瓜粉 黑可可粉 Directions/做法 – sift both flour & wheat starch together in a bowl 分类食材过筛 – place sugar and[…]


recipe adapted and modified from/食谱经调整取自于: 袅袅烘焙香 ingredients (6 inch square pan, greased & lined) A 280g butter 100g sugar B 86g egg yolk + 334g egg (or use 420g egg c. 7 large eggs) * whisk briefly C 1 tbsp chocolate emulco 126g kaya D 105g cake flour 21g dark cocoa powder 70g horlicks 1/2 tsp baking powder * mix and sift together 350g finger[…]


recipe source/原食谱取自于: 飞雪无霜 ingredients (makes 9) 60g mung bean powder 80g cake flour 45g coconut oil 35g sugar  finishing sesame oil 食材(可做 9个) 绿豆粉 60克 蛋糕粉 80克 椰子油 45克 白糖 35克 收尾 芝麻油 Directions/做法: – mix & sift both mung bean powder and cake flour together 绿豆粉和蛋糕粉混合过筛 – steam over high heat for 20 mins. the steamed flour mixture will be hard. use a fork[…]


i used to speak bahasa indonesian like a local.. or i think i used to but the translation of this recipe just slapped me hard in the face.. all my indonesian has gone back to my lao shi (meaning teacher) 想当年说了一口流利的印尼文。。 如今,就连翻译此时谱都费力无比。。 Original recipe adapted from/原食谱取自于: dapoerkoe ingredients (8 inch square pan cake) A 1 tsp baking powder 250g cake flour (author used 200g) 25g[…]

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