ingredients (makes 10 50g mooncakes) filling 4 large egg yolk 20g monk fruit sweetener/caster sugar 45g whipping cream 45g milk 25g condense milk 50g cake flour 1 tbsp coconut cream powder (optional ~ i added this myself) 55g coconut oil (original recipe calls for melted butter) 1 tsp vanilla paste pastry skin 100g cake flour 20g potato starch (original recipe calls for corn starch) 20g[…]

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ingredients (makes 8) 25g egg yolk 99g condense milk 115g cake flour 2.5g baking powder 120g red bean paste black sesame seeds, as appropriate 食材(可做 8只小猪) 蛋黄液 25克 炼奶 99克 蛋糕粉 115克 泡打粉 2.5克 红豆沙馅 120克 黑芝麻、适量 Directions/做法 mix egg yolk with condense milk 蛋黄液和炼奶混合均匀 sift in flour and baking powder mix till you get a soft dough do not overknead cover with cling wrap[…]


ingredients (makes about 20 mini snacks) 30g egg yolk 10g full cream milk 8g vegetable/salad oil 1 tsp vanilla extract 10g cake flour 5g potato starch (corn starch ok) 45g egg white 25g caster sugar filling red bean paste, as appropriate 食材(可做约 20个小蛋糕) 蛋黄液 30克 全脂奶 10克 素油/沙拉油 8克 香草精 1小匙 蛋糕粉 10克 片粟粉 5克(粟粉 OK) 蛋白 45克 绵白糖 25克 内馅 红豆沙、适量 Directions/做法 add vanilla[…]


ingredients  60g egg 15g caster sugar 25g cake flour, sifted icing sugar, as appropriate water, as appropriate 食材 蛋液 60克 绵白糖 15克 蛋糕粉 25克、过筛 糖粉、适量 水、适量 Directions/做法 prepare 6 empty white egg shells rinse and allow to dry 将六个白色鸡蛋掏空 过水、晾干待用 whisk egg briefly then add in sugar 蛋液略打散后加入白糖 beat till thick, glossy peaks 打发至湿润、蓬松状 add in flour and fold well 加入面粉、翻拌均匀 spoon batter into egg[…]


not exactly the most traditional way of making this but when you feel like eating something, you just make use of anything/everything you can find in the kitchen yes… putu mayam with my pasta maker! hahahaha 一种非常传统的印度小吃。。但用了灰常不传统的方式制作 我还真的是可以的了。。。是哒!制面机做 putu mayam! 牛不牛 original recipe adapted with modifications/原食谱经调整取自于: Lily’s Wai Sek Hong ingredients 125g rice flour 1 tbsp tapioca starch 150ml boiling water * see personal notes[…]

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ingredients (makes 3 muffin cases of mini muah chee) 150g glutinous rice flour 30g tapioca starch 20ml concentrated pandan juice 160ml water 30g sugar 100g ground peanut powder 食材(可做 3个马芬杯量的迷你麻滋) 糯米粉 150克 木薯粉/茨粉 30克 浓缩班兰汁 20毫升 水 160毫升 糖 30克 花生粉 100克 Directions/做法 bring water in steamer to boil sift glutinous rice flour and tapioca starch into mixer bowl add in concentrated pandan juice and[…]


cake? biscuit? biscuit? cake? whatever.. old school affordable eats that comes in a pack of 5… and the lips will be snowy white… 蛋糕?饼干? 反正就是小时候一袋 5个饼。。吃得整个口都粉白粉白哒 recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于: 好豆 ingredients (makes 6) 100g bread flour 50g cake flour 1g baking soda 3g baking powder 60g sugar 17g egg 55g full cream milk 20g coconut oil 食材(可做 6个) 面包粉 100克 蛋糕粉 50克 苏打粉 1克[…]


interestingly, the texture of this bun is chewy… even chewier when eaten cooled 有趣~这馒头吃起来竟然有些嚼劲~~冷却后更 Q 哈! ingredients (makes seven 70g buns) 260g cake flour, sifted 2g instant dry yeast 40g sugar 200g shredded carrot 40ml water 食材(可做七颗 70克馒头) 蛋糕粉 260克、过筛 即溶干酵母 2克 糖 40克 胡萝卜 200克、刨丝儿 水 40毫升 Directions/做法 mix shredded carrot with water in blender and puree carrot till fine you should get about[…]


ingredients (makes 5 portions) 85g glutinous rice, soaked overnight 5 fresh/raw salted eggs 4 small/pearl mushrooms, soaked and finely diced 20g chicken lup cheong (chinese sausage), finely diced seasoning 1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce 1/2 tsp light soy sauce 1/8 tsp fish sauce 1/2 tsp sesame oil 食材(可做 5份) 糯米饭 85克、隔夜浸泡 新鲜咸蛋 5颗 珍珠菇(小颗香菇) 4小朵、浸泡至软、切细颗粒 鸡肉腊肠 20克、切细颗粒 调味料 老抽 1/2大匙 生抽 1/2小匙 鱼露 1/8小匙 麻油[…]


ingredients (makes 6 mantou) 200g cake flour, sifted (bao flour ok) 20g wheat starch (a.k.a. dim sum flour) 30g sugar 140g milk (+/- 10g) 2.5g instant dry yeast 1.5g baking powder 1g salt 食材 蛋糕粉 200克、过筛(包粉 OK) 澄面 20克(又称点心面粉) 糖 30克 牛奶 140克(+/- 10克) 即溶干酵母 2.5克 泡打粉 1.5克 盐 1克 Directions/做法: mix and knead all ingredients together till you get a rough dough allow dough[…]

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