i recently learned about this from a hong kong tv show and decided to google on it.. very easy to prepare… very yummy.. very spongy QQ~~ following is the original recipe… do note my modifications under personal notes and NO, this cake is not suppose to have a beehive look 近期煲剧时得知这么一种传统糕点。。搜了搜。。还真挺有趣滴。。 于是就开锅~嘿。。简易。。。好吃。。弹牙。。。QQ! 先给大家呈现原食谱~我的调整备注在温馨小贴士 不!这蛋糕做出来木有蜂窝巢内在美哈 ingredients (6 inch square pan, greased and lined) brown honey syrup[…]


ingredients 250g taro (net weight), cubed 80g rice flour 5g wheat starch (a.k.a. dim sum flour) 7 small chinese mushrooms, soaked till soft and diced (do not throw the water used for soaking) 1 lup cheong (a.k.a. chinese sausage), diced 10g dried shrimp, soaked till soft (do not throw the water used for soaking) 40g dried scallop, soaked till soft and shredded (you can do[…]


i managed to order some yam and was over the moon.. yes… well, you never know what you have till you “don’t have them” yam… is not seen in beijing.. ask the beijinger.. they will go “huh? what?” 最近让我淘到荔浦芋头。。兴奋、兴奋。。 你们不知道。。芋头这东西,北京简直翻遍了,就是找不着 问问北京人(我说北京人,没说国内人)又芋头卖不?大眼瞪小眼会一个 “啥?啥头?” (郁闷。。。。飘走) ingredients  dough (makes fifteen 40g buns) 250g cake flour (bao flour OK) 2.5g instant dry yeast 10g sugar 185g milk (+/-  accordingly)[…]


ingredients (makes 4 rolls) 400g glutinous rice 2 tbsp oil * please read personal notes 2 chinese cruller (youtiao), cut into half * please read personal notes preserved vegetable, as appropriate meat floss, as appropriate 食材(可做 4条) 糯米饭 400克 油 2 大匙*请参考温馨小贴士 油条 2条,切半*请参考温馨小贴士 榨菜,适量 肉松,适量 Directions/做法 soak glutinous rice for at least an hour 糯米饭浸泡自少一小时 drain water away from rice, and drizzle in oil[…]

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and on monday, 2.22, we celebrate the last day of the chinese new year… what about some homemade dumplings? 2.22 又见元宵节。。。祝愿大家团团圆圆继续过个好肥年哈! ingredients  dough 200g glutinous rice flour (divided into 40g + 160g) 130g water (divided into 30g + 100g) 1 tbsp green tea powder 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder filling 180g fried black sesame 30g ground peanut (NOT peanut powder) 130ml coconut oil 90g coconut[…]

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what beats freshly homemade cruller for breakfast? 家人一起床就有热呼呼哒新鲜自制油条。。牛哦! ingredients (makes about seven 17cm cruller) 200g bread flour 30g egg 25g milk 75g water 1.5g baking soda 1.5g baking powder 8g fine sea salt * please see personal notes 7g oil (i used peanut oil) 食材(可做七条 17厘米油条) 面包粉 200克 蛋液 30克 牛奶 25克 水 75克 苏打粉 1.5克 泡打粉 1.5克 幼海盐 8克*请参考小贴士) 油 7克(我用花生油) Directions/做法 mix all[…]


ingredients (makes 6 buns) dough ingredients and directions adapted from this post mocha custard filling (makes 145g custard) 1 large egg 15g sugar 1 tbsp custard powder, sifted 20g cake flour, sifted 5g cocoa powder, sifted 20g unsalted butter, cubed & softened cocoa powder as appropriate, sifted 食材(可做 6个包子) 面团 食材和做法请参考此链接 摩卡卡仕达内馅(可做 145克卡仕达内馅) 鸡蛋 一大颗 糖 15克 卡仕达粉 1大匙,过筛 蛋糕粉 20克,过筛 可可粉 5克,过筛 无盐黄油 20克,切丁儿、软化[…]

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ingredients poolish dough 100g cake flour, sifted 150ml lukewarm water 1/2 tsp instant dry yeast batter 200g bread flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 egg 1/4 tsp alkaline/lye water 300ml water 30g sugar filling 110g ground peanuts 80g light brown sugar 225g corn (or 1 can) 20g butter, softened 食材 面种 蛋糕粉 100克,过筛 温水 150毫升 即溶干酵母 1/2小匙 面糊 面包粉 200克 泡打粉 1小匙 鸡蛋 1颗 碱水[…]


ingredients (makes 6) 200g cake flour (or bao flour) 7g lard (butter is ok) 30g honey 110g milk (depending on your country, if it is humid, you may need only 90-100g) 2g instant dry yeast 食材(可做 6个) 蛋糕粉 200克(包粉 OK) 猪油 7克(黄油 OK) 蜂蜜 30克 牛奶 110克(如果您所在地比较潮湿,奶水份量可能只需 90-100克) 即溶干酵母 2克 Directions/做法 – mix all ingredients (except lard) together and knead into a rough dough 所有食材(除猪油)混合、和面[…]


superbly good.. i love the saltiness and crunchiness on the outside, and the sweetness and tenderness in the inside i believe the kids will go ga-ga over this 超赞!外脆稍咸、内嫩微甜。。哎哟哟!真滴好吃呀! 小朋友一定 go crazy 哟 ingredients dough 250ml milk 50ml coconut milk 40g sugar 40g potato starch (corn starch ok) 1/2 tsp baking powder batter 60ml milk 20ml coconut milk 2g salt 5-6 tbsp cake flour additional[…]

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