ingredients (makes 4 rolls) 400g glutinous rice 2 tbsp oil * please read personal notes 2 chinese cruller (youtiao), cut into half * please read personal notes preserved vegetable, as appropriate meat floss, as appropriate 食材(可做 4条) 糯米饭 400克 油 2 大匙*请参考温馨小贴士 油条 2条,切半*请参考温馨小贴士 榨菜,适量 肉松,适量 Directions/做法 soak glutinous rice for at least an hour 糯米饭浸泡自少一小时 drain water away from rice, and drizzle in oil[…]

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and on monday, 2.22, we celebrate the last day of the chinese new year… what about some homemade dumplings? 2.22 又见元宵节。。。祝愿大家团团圆圆继续过个好肥年哈! ingredients  dough 200g glutinous rice flour (divided into 40g + 160g) 130g water (divided into 30g + 100g) 1 tbsp green tea powder 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder filling 180g fried black sesame 30g ground peanut (NOT peanut powder) 130ml coconut oil 90g coconut[…]

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ingredients (makes about 10) dough 75g shiratamako (feel free to use glutinous rice flour but please reduce water accordingly) 75g water black sesame filling recipe source adapted with modifications/黑芝麻馅原食谱: 蚊子的天空 50g black sesame powder 25g coconut flower sugar 35g organic shortening ( i use Nutiva’s organic shortening with red palm and coconut oil) 食材 (可做约 10颗) 面团 白玉粉 75克 水 75克 (也可用糯米粉,不过水份需减量) 黑芝麻内陷 黑芝麻粉 50克 椰子花糖[…]

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