ingredients (makes 10 50g mooncakes) filling 4 large egg yolk 20g monk fruit sweetener/caster sugar 45g whipping cream 45g milk 25g condense milk 50g cake flour 1 tbsp coconut cream powder (optional ~ i added this myself) 55g coconut oil (original recipe calls for melted butter) 1 tsp vanilla paste pastry skin 100g cake flour 20g potato starch (original recipe calls for corn starch) 20g[…]

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this mooncake was a big hit in hong kong last year.. you know, the advertisement featuring singer kelly chxx? i gave these away.. oh yes.. everyone loved it.. 这款月饼去年在香港销售量爆灯。。 呐。。那个那个广告。。请了陈慧 x 助阵滴。。 这月饼做了后送人了。。大家都赞好吃! 试试哈 UPDATE: egg yolk in filling refers to SALTED egg yolk 更新:内陷的蛋黄是咸蛋黄 ingredients (makes sixteen 50g mooncake) pastry skin 67g sugar 130g butter 22g egg 25g evaporated milk 252g cake flour 17g[…]


my recent trip to Hong Kong had been fruitful… got lotsa “old, traditional, lost recipe”.. share share with you ah… * i learnt that a traditional piglet biscuit doesn’t bake out defined impressions, so don’t feel disappointed if you lose all the lines during baking for that’s the way it should be 近期香港之旅收获挺不错。。得受挺多失传、古法好食谱。。 也和大家“婚享“ 哈 听说烤出来后的古法猪仔饼(又称猪笼饼)不留明显的纹路,所以别太失望哈 ingredients  280g all purpose flour 1/2 cup peanut oil[…]


rolling sleeves up and getting ready for mid-autumn festival and I want a truly homemade mooncake this 别阻止我。。。要开始筹备制做月饼咯。。别阻止我!今年死活死活都要做出个百分百全自制月饼。。别阻止我! (ง •̀_•́)ง homemade golden syrup ingredients 200g coconut flower sugar 160ml water 25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 自制转化糖浆 椰子花糖 200克 水 160毫升 鲜榨柠檬汁 25毫升 Directions/做法 – combine both sugar and water in a saucepan. mix well then heat using low-medium heat. DO NOT STIR ANYMORE FROM THIS[…]


this is a very traditional sweet (or mooncake) that you can find in beijing.. i first tasted this 4 years back at a hotel breakfast buffet and fell in love with it unfortunately, i never knew the name and had difficulty finding the recipe until now… ok.. gotta dash to the airport now 这非常老北京的甜点(月饼),早在4年前一家酒店的早餐尝过。。非常喜欢那独特的味道。。 可惜,一直不知道它的名称。。所以没法找到食谱。。至今。。 噢啦。。。赶飞机啦。。。886 (۶•౪•)۶❤٩(•౪•٩) Recipe adapted & translated from 君之 Ingredients (makes[…]


Ingredients (makes six 100g mooncake) mooncake skin (recipe adapted from eileen の记事本) 112.5g flour 17.5g cocoa powder 85g golden syrup 25g peanut oil 1/2 tsp alkaline water homemade coffee custard (adapted and modified from Bake for happy kids) 25g butter, soften 60g caster sugar (adjust accordingly to personal preference) 3 egg yolk (from 3 large eggs), roughly beaten 1 tbsp condense milk 40ml whipping cream 60ml[…]


with mooncakes, i have always been confused with the technical terms like “ten head”, “eight head”.. etc.. what does it mean? and i finally figured out.. 10 head ~ 50g mooncake 8 head ~ 63g mooncake 5 head ~ 100g mooncake 4 head ~ 125g moon cake anyway, i love these new moulds… great giveaways for the elderlys 说到月饼嘛。。。我每次看模子时,都搞不清啥是10头。。啥是8头。。。今天终于被我搞明白啦。。 10头 ~ 50克月饼 8头 ~ 63克月饼[…]


Ingredients Dough 15g flour 30g glutinous rice flour 30g rice flour 30g caster sugar 20g of 3-in-1 coffee powder dissolved into 135g warm milk 2 tbsp shortening/butter 2 tbsp condensed milk Filling as desired ~ i used low sugar green tea paste and coffee paste 食材 皮料 面粉 15克 粘米粉 30克 糯米粉 30克 绵白糖 30克 三合一即溶咖啡粉 20克 融入于 135克温奶 黄油/白油 2大匙 炼奶 2大匙 馅料 随意[…]


i guess these will be my final batch of mooncakes for this year… i started off with the traditional mooncakes, followed by the snowskin, and am closing the mid autumn bake with a swirly mooncake.. now this i like… and it taste the best when freshly baked from oven Original dough recipe from Carol Ingredients (makes 12) Oil dough 200g all purpose flour 15g icing[…]


these received plenty of compliments… someone told me when they hear or see mooncake, he thinks 1,500 calories… well, not if you make your own filling? and these i have to say, taste absolutely gorgeous. (๑╹っ╹๑) Ingredients *45g glutinous rice flour 糯米粉 *35g rice flour 粘米粉 *20g teng mien fen (wheat starch) 澄面粉 185g milk 50g icing sugar 20ml salad oil (or lard) *if you can[…]

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