chef yip yun fatt’s crispy custard mooncake ~ highly recommended 叶润发师傅的脆皮奶皇月饼 ~ 强推

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this mooncake was a big hit in hong kong last year.. you know, the advertisement featuring singer kelly chxx? i gave these away.. oh yes.. everyone loved it.. 这款月饼去年在香港销售量爆灯。。 呐。。那个那个广告。。请了陈慧…

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homemade golden syrup & 5 different mooncake fillings 自制转化糖浆和五款月饼馅儿

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rolling sleeves up and getting ready for mid-autumn festival and I want a truly homemade mooncake this 别阻止我。。。要开始筹备制做月饼咯。。别阻止我!今年死活死活都要做出个百分百全自制月饼。。别阻止我! (ง •̀_•́)ง homemade golden syrup ingredients 200g coconut flower sugar 160ml water…

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