ingredients (makes 5 portions) 85g glutinous rice, soaked overnight 5 fresh/raw salted eggs 4 small/pearl mushrooms, soaked and finely diced 20g chicken lup cheong (chinese sausage), finely diced seasoning 1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce 1/2 tsp light soy sauce 1/8 tsp fish sauce 1/2 tsp sesame oil 食材(可做 5份) 糯米饭 85克、隔夜浸泡 新鲜咸蛋 5颗 珍珠菇(小颗香菇) 4小朵、浸泡至软、切细颗粒 鸡肉腊肠 20克、切细颗粒 调味料 老抽 1/2大匙 生抽 1/2小匙 鱼露 1/8小匙 麻油[…]


ingredients (makes 4 rolls) 400g glutinous rice 2 tbsp oil * please read personal notes 2 chinese cruller (youtiao), cut into half * please read personal notes preserved vegetable, as appropriate meat floss, as appropriate 食材(可做 4条) 糯米饭 400克 油 2 大匙*请参考温馨小贴士 油条 2条,切半*请参考温馨小贴士 榨菜,适量 肉松,适量 Directions/做法 soak glutinous rice for at least an hour 糯米饭浸泡自少一小时 drain water away from rice, and drizzle in oil[…]

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too good.. this is super yummy and easy to prepare 超好吃!太正啦 ingredients (serves 3-4) 200g long grain glutinous rice 1 piece of chinese sausage, diced 15g purple onion, diced 8 small chinese mushrooms, diced 20g dried scallops 5g spring onion (only the green part), chopped 5g coriander, chopped seasoning 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1/4 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp chicken bouillion powder 1 tbsp[…]


ingredients  cooked rice, chilled overnight egg yolk pepper and salt to taste chinese sausage, finely diced turkey ham, finely diced spring onion, chopped  食材 煮熟米饭,隔夜冷藏 蛋黄 盐、胡椒粉 适量 腊肠,切小丁儿 火腿午餐肉,切小丁儿 青葱 切颗粒 Directions/做法  remove rice from fridge 米饭从冷藏库取出  add in egg yolk 倒入蛋黄  stir to mix gently with a pair of chopsticks please do not attempt to break up the clumpy rice by “chopping” it[…]


we hardly cook rice at home but when we did a couple days back, my helper cooked for an army.. … and so with the leftover rice, woo~hoo~~ mOs burger, come on up the baking list 咋们家很少吃米饭。但两天前开餐时,阿姨就煮了一大锅。。。 ~~ 那么多的剩饭。。好吧。。摩斯汉堡,该你上场啦 Recipe adapted from Dailydelicious Ingredients (makes 2) rice burger 330g cooked rice 2 tbsp plain flour * i omitted 1-2 tbsp water (optional, depending on how[…]

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