IMG_6153there had been many piggy-shaped bakes and desserts and i wondered why there was never one of the piggy’s butt? ⊆(⌒◎⌒)⊇

Ingredients (makes a 450g loaf)

IMG_6149143g fresh milk
35g egg
25g caster sugar
5g salt
250g bread flour
4g instant dry yeast
38g butter, softened


IMG_6147– mix all ingredients together, except butter and knead till you get a soft and pliable dough
– add in butter, and incorporate well. knead till window pane stage and allow to proof till double in size
– punch dough down and divide into 3 equal portions. allow dough to rest for 15 mins
– roll out the dough and roll up tightly (swiss roll style). place in 450g loaf pan and allow to rise till 80-90 percent full
– cover the pan, and bake on lower rack in preheated oven of 200 degrees C for 40 mins

Personal notes:

IMG_6150– i halved the recipe and made eight 30g buns
– i used 100g bread flour, and 25g cake flour
– shape piggies as follows:

picshow20140116_152206head: roll a portion of dough into a tight ball

picshow20140116_152309using a small scissors, snip 2 corners at the top of the dough

picshow20140116_152327flip the corners up to form the ears. set aside to rise and proceed to shape the bump

picshow20140116_152346take another portion of dough, and pinch a very small portion out of it. roll this small portion into a thin rope

picshow20140116_152402roll the dough out into a flat disc

picshow20140116_152415fold it into half

picshow20140116_152427then take both ends of the semi-circle…

picshow20140116_152440and join them together

picshow20140116_152456twirl the rope

picshow20140116_152528… and place it just slightly above the legs. and you’ve got the tail *@*

picshow20140116_130549allow the dough to proof. meantime, cut out eyes from seaweed (using punches)

picshow20140116_132202punch 2 holes in thin slices of hot dog with a piping tip

picshow20140116_152542place seaweed (eyes) and hot dog (nose) on the face, and viola! your piggy buns are ready for baking

IMG_6155… and cool the buns (*^^)/~~~~~~~~~~◎

IMG_6152and you have your little pig pig milk bread….  (⁎⁍̴ڡ⁍̴⁎)

IMG_6148you are my dancing pigs… young & sweet only 17…  (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

Pollution index: 83 (good)


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