IMG_6308i wanted to make something healthy and fast for hubby’s breakfast tomorrow and i remembered the chinese doctor (中医)saying that mantou is a very healthy choice… but me being me… i never really made these because i haven’t thought about how i could go about beautifying it…. ≖‿≖… and btw, did i ever tell you how i get my inspiration whenever i want to decorate my bake?  a pen, and a paper…. ´・ᴗ・`… yup… every time before i start baking, i start to doodle … i just draw and draw until something satisfactory turns out p(*^-^*)q

Recipe adapted from 食品中国


IMG_6309250g all purpose flour
2g instant dry yeast
1 tsp sugar
125ml water
10g cocoa powder

面粉 250克
即溶干酵母 2克
糖 1小匙
水 125毫升
可可粉 10克


IMG_6311– dissolve yeast into 130ml of water. temperature of water should not exceed 40 degrees C

  • sift flour and sugar into mixer bowl and add in water a bit at a time, mixing with a pair of chopsticks at the same time

  • once flour mixture becomes clumpy, hand knead dough until it becomes soft and shiny

  • rise dough till it is 1.5-2x larger than the original size. sift some flour on dough and poke your finger through the dough. if it does not spring back, the rising process is considered

  • divide dough into 2 equal portions and punch one dough down and knead briefly. set aside

  • meantime, sift cocoa powder onto another dough and knead till it is well incorporated. add a bit of water if you find the dough too dry

IMG_6313– press original dough till it is slightly flat and run it through the dough roller, setting roller to the widest thickness (@7). if you do not have dough roller, please refer to my personal notes
将原味面团压平,送入压面机,压面宽度调为 “7”。如无压面机,请参考我的温馨小贴士

  • fold this original dough sheet a few times and sift some flour on the dough. ensure that the folding is tidy. run it through the roller 3 more times

  • change the setting of the dough roller to 5 (i.e. thickness will be thinner), and using the same method above, run dough through machine 3x

  • place dough sheet on tabletop, trimming the top and bottom of dough and divide into 3 equal portions. sift flour on dough, and place each portion on top of the other. set aside

  • repeat the same rolling and dividing process for chocolate dough

  • place a portion of original dough on the tabletop, and a portion of chocolate dough on top of it

  • roll dough up swiss-roll style, ensuring that it is rolled up tightly. seal seams well and slice dough into 3 equal portions. all to rise for 20 mins. repeat the same process for the remaining dough sheets

  • place dough onto a wet greased steam-mat. ensure that you space out dough when steaming to allow sufficient rising space

  • bring a pot of water to rolling boil, then turn heat down to medium-high heat. steam mantou for 15 mins. after steaming time, OPEN THE LID ONLY AFTER 5 MINUTES

  • enjoy

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6314– i do not own a dough roller, so i rolled my dough manually into a 0.4cm sheet respectively

  • i sprayed some water on the original dough before placing chocolate dough on top; and then sprayed some more water on chocolate dough before rolling

  • just before dividing dough into 2 portions, i pinched a small handful of dough and coloured a portion red with red yeast powder, and another portion with matcha powder. i then shaped the red portion into mini teardrop portions and cut out leaf shapes (using mini fondant cutters) on the matcha dough. i sprayed a bit of water before affixing strawberries onto the mantou

  • i sliced my mantou into eight 5cm portions

IMG_6310hubby was confused for a moment if it was a swiss roll or mantou (。◝‿◜。)

Pollution index: 29 (excellent)


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