IMG_7415My hubby loves having eggs during breakfast…
however, there’s only so much eggs we should consume a week right?
and so i thought, why not satisfy his vision with a fried egg look alike breakfast bun
⁎⁙꒰⋓(༶∙ .̌ ∙༶ૢ)⋓꒱⁕⁛

Ingredients (makes eight 40g buns)

IMG_7417* 180g strong bread flour
* 40g cake flour
* 20g rice flour (or strong bread flour)

20g sugar

4g salt

8g skim milk powder

16g unsalted butter (or magarine)

^ 100ml non-flavoured soy milk or milk
^ 75ml water
4g dry yeast

食材 (可做 8个40克餐包)

IMG_7421* 强力面包粉 180克
* 蛋糕粉 40克
* 粘米粉 (也可用强力面包粉)20克

糖 20克

盐 4克

# 脱脂奶粉 8克

无盐黄油(或马欺凌)) 16克

^ 原味豆奶或牛奶 100毫升
^ 水 75 毫升
干酵母 4克


IMG_7420– place all ingredients into bread maker in this order: (*) ingredients, (#) ingredients, (^) ingredients and then yeast. begin dough mixing process
面团食材以 (*)、(#)和(^) 次序加入面包机,最后加入干酵母。进行和面及发面程序

  • after first rising, remove dough from bread maker and divide into 8 equal portions. punch dough down to remove gas and shape portions into balls. cover with damp cloth and rest dough for 15 mins

  • lightly press down dough again and form into balls. line them on a baking sheet and make an indentation across the bun with a chopstick dusted with flour (see below)
    再次将面团排气,然后搓成小圆球摆放在烤盘或烘焙纸上。将一只筷子撒上面粉,然后在面团上深深压下 (如下)

  • spray bread with some water and allow to proof for second time. after proofing, spray water again and sift some rice flour on buns

  • preheat oven with baking tray to 180 degrees C and then turn temperature down to 150 degrees C. bake bread for 12-13mins

  • cool bread after baking and store in bags so they don’t dry out

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7405to shape “fried egg” bread:
after first rising and resting divided dough into 8 portions, press dough into a 7-8cm disc
take a 4.5cm cookie cutter to make indentation on the dough (do not cut through)
allow dough to rise for 2nd time

IMG_7407meantime, prepare apricot. my apricots from the can were very big,
so i trimmed them with a cookie cutter to get to a desired size

IMG_7408after dough has risen for second time, press the centre of the disc down

IMG_7409i filled the centre with cream cheese filling (mix 60g cream cheese + 10g sugar + 3g lemon juice)
我在面团中加了奶油奶酪馅 (将60克奶油奶酪和10克糖和3克柠檬汁混合即可)

IMG_7410then sifted rice flour on top of the bun

IMG_7411place a piece of apricot in the middle, then send to bake

IMG_7419food ecstasy? add a bit of strawberry jam to resemble ketchup..
high 吗?可以再high哦。。加点草莓酱,就像煎蛋加番茄酱了哈。。。

Pollution index: 196 (unhealthy)

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