IMG_8777 Ingredients (makes 8 paws)

200g bread flour
50g cake flour
3.5g instant dry yeast
160g water (humidity in my kitchen is 30%. if your kitchen has a higher humidity, reduce water accordingly, or start off with just 140g water)
7g cocoa powder
5g corn oil
25g caster sugar

100g extra dark chocolate
15g whipping cream
1 tsp chocolate liquer (can be substituted with brandy or vanilla extract)
25g ground almond
32g butter

IMG_8780食材(可做 8份猫爪)

面包粉 200克
蛋糕粉 50克
即溶干酵母 3.5克
水 160克(我家厨房湿度只有 30%。如您家湿度较高,可适量调整水的份量~建议先用 140克水量)
可可粉 7克
粟米油 5克
绵白糖 25克

黑巧克力 100克
淡奶油 15克
巧克力利口酒 1小匙(可用白兰地或香草精)
杏仁粉 25克
黄油 32克


IMG_8776– prepare filling ~ heat whipping cream over a pot of simmering water. add in butter and stir till butter. then add in extra dark chocolate, continue to stir till all chocolate has melted

  • pour in ground almond and mix well. finally, add in chocolate liquer and stir well till batter turns doughy. turn off fire and allow mixture to cool. divide into 8 equal portions and chill if needed. set aside
    倒入杏仁粉,拌匀。最后拌入巧克力利口酒,拌至面糊成浓稠状。离火、待凉。分割成 8等份。如需可冷藏备用

  • mix all dough ingredients (except oil) and knead till you get a dough. incorporate oil and continue kneading till you get a soft dough ~ probably around 6 mins

  • allow dough to proof till double in size

  • divide dough into 8 portions of 40g dough, and the remaining dough into 32 pieces of smaller dough (around 3.9g per piece)
    面团分割成 8份 40克面团,剩余的面团分割成 32份小面团(各约 3.9克)

  • rest dough for 20 mins
    面团静置 20分钟

IMG_8767take a portion of 40g dough and roll into an oval disc and place a portion of filling in between
取一份 30克面团,擀成椭圆形面皮,中间摆放一份内陷

IMG_8768wrap it up

IMG_8769seal seams well

IMG_8770shape four 4 small portions of dough into ball and stick to the main dough

  • rise bun for 30 mins
    面团发酵 30分钟

  • bring a pot of water to boil (cover lid with cloth), then turn to medium heat. steam buns for 2 mins, and turn off fire. allow buns to sit in steamer for at least 10 mins before uncovering lid. please adjust steaming time and heat according to your own steamer. i suggest steaming just one bun to get the right timing, for otherwise, you will end up with a batch of unsuccessful buns. it took me a few buns to get this steaming time
    将蒸锅中的水烧开(切记锅盖儿要裹上布哈),转成中火。包子蒸两分中,熄火、让包子在蒸锅里用预热焖十分钟。中间不可打开锅盖儿。我建议您事先蒸一个包子以便掌握适当的蒸煮时间。如一次下锅而蒸煮时间不适当,那包子都 “全军覆没”了哈。这个包子我耗了约四个包子才掌握到时间

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