ingredients (makes about 20)

dough skin
200g crystal mix flour (also called crystal dessert mix)
45g wheat starch
4g sea salt
300g boiling water
37g shallot oil (oil used to fry shallots)

200g cooked shrimp meat
200g chives
100g toasted peanuts
50g char siew (click here for recipe)

ground black pepper & sea salt to taste

IMG_9440食材(可做 20颗)

水晶粉 200克
澄面 45克
海盐 4克
滚水 300克
葱油 37克(既是用小葱头爆香后的油)

熟虾肉 200克
韭菜 200克
花生 100克、烤香
叉烧 50克(食谱可参考这儿



IMG_9441– prepare skin: add shallot oil to boiling water and pour into flours. use a wooden rolling pin to mix it up and break up clumps. once everything comes into a rough dough, cover with cling wrap and allow to rest for 10 mins. dough will be somewhat rough and “crackly”
准备皮料:沸水中加入油,倒入粉类。立马以擀面杖快速拌匀。食材略成团后,盖上保鲜膜静置 10分钟。此时的面团表面粗糙、有裂痕

– meantime, chop all filling ingredients into small pieces, add in seasoning according to personal preference and mix well

– unwrap dough, and knead till you get a silky, soft dough (you should not require too much time and effort)

– divide into 20 equal portions c. 29g per portion
面团分割成 20等份、约 29克一份

– roll each portion into a round disc, thicker centre, thinner circumference. spoon filling in, and seal seams

– steam shaped dumplings using high heat for 4 mins. once steamed, brush dumplings with a thin coat of shallot oil
整形后的粉粿以大火蒸 4分钟。蒸熟后刷上一层薄薄的葱油(食谱外)即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9438– if you cannot find crystal mix flour, use a mixture of 188g potato starch with 57g of wheat starch. i bought mine at Twinsco, Wanchai Hong Kong
如无水晶粉,可用 188克土豆淀粉和 57克澄面替代。我家的水晶粉是在位于香港湾仔 Twinsco 买滴

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