i was sneakish ~ ever since my return from Singapore, i’d been somewhat feeling like a pot of simmering whipping cream ~ everything tasted bland like cardboard to me, phelgm *ew* was thick, and a fever with hands rubbing gleefully, that seem to be just waiting for that very moment where i just do one thing wrong and it will be all hell break loose. uh-ah… i ain’t not gonna let that happen to me… but i know, i am under the weather for sure.

it was day break by 4.50am… i know i need to hit for the doctor’s today after my usual brunch at the Regis…. and if i am indeed sick, i know i will be banned from baking ~ well, my coach always believe bakers pass on their energy to the bakes made fom our hands. maybe that’s why people say food taste good if you use your heart and soul to prepare?

i can always steal one last bake.. just one ~ i’ll bake a really simple one just to make up the lost time whilst i was back in Singapore…

this chiffon cake.. tasted dense.. or so i expected. the preparation method, was that of a dump cake ~ near to your One Bowl cake. nothing near to the texture of an airy chiffon cake ~ but the combination of coconut and vanilla bean, was a good institution. one for the weak hearts who like to attempt a simple chiffon cake…


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