i woke up today with perfect energy ~ i know i am recovering well from my sickness and at 5am, i started handkneading my first bread dough for an hour, stuck it in the fridge to retard overnight, and wondered “now what?”

many a times, i look for interesting recipes to bake and impress. As my hubby always say to me ~ bake something reallll…..yy difficult. challenge yourself. I look hard indeed but I think many bakers will agree with me, that we sometimes need the urge ~ the “oomph” to bake. It’s the pull factor to make you want to step into the kitchen and create something beautiful. On the flipside, my hubby loves the plain ol’ bread or anything to do with chocolate. Chocolate bread, chocolate marble bread, chocolate marble cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate everything, including (listen to this) cocoa flavoured body butter!

I’d been in search for a good chocolate pound cake recipe… something with cloud like yet dense texture.. i really don’t know how to explain this but when you come across one, you will know what i mean. it simply crumbles in your mouth… and so, i moved on to try a new recipe which called for buttermilk. other than this, the method used was different from baking a normal poundcake.. i thought it was more of a cupcakey method ~ i was skeptical about how this will turn out to the man’s liking as he hates soft, fluffy cake (oh yes.. he once told me he hates my chiffon because it is not dense enough… too fluffy were his actual words! @_@).

the hubby and coach tested the pound cake ~ and the silent 10 seconds munching was a finger wrenching wait for me! the verdict? all thumbs and toes up… it was by far the best cake i’d ever baked.. not just best pound cake, but best cake ever… both guys walloped half the 10″ cake in no less than 20mins… well done.. what better accolade can it be? the next test i’m putting the cake to, is how well it keeps in a dry environment like Beijing… will check you out tomorrow you little devil…

pollution index: didn’t track… but as much as the weather station reported ~ we started to see angry clouds gather in the horizon by early noon .. today is the faithful day that Beijing experienced it’s heaviest rainfall ever since the past 61 years. We were all homeridden but with a husband who probably flies as much, if not more than a pilot, I have no complaints about staying in.

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