Hello World!

how apt as it is – hello world indeed and I welcome myself to the world of blogosphere ~ the 173 “million-th ” blogger (if there’s such a word??). I have to say besides appearing before the word “daughter” in the dictionary, my DAD beat me in blogging. Am I ashamed? well… yes in a way and no as well. yes because I’d always needed a space i call my own (passsé i know… roll eyes) – where i just write, spit out my thoughts, without having to give 2 hoots about spelling, vocab and grammar ~ frankly, I don’t even know the difference between the latter mentioned. I’m sure my eldest niece will fare better in that.  besides, has facebooking been serving my purpose of keeping a disciplined record of my baking, no…

SO! as my principle goes (principle or principal? you know what i mean) ~ if you have hesitation, just do it.

So hello world again! and my little door gift to you today, is a mini strawberry chiffon cake ~ and in my virgin post, I must also thank my hubby, who had always been so supportive and encouraging in my baking for these years ~ his point blank, non-sugar coated opinions had me challenge to excel myself everyday (所谓无敌是寂寞的). and oh yes oh yes ~ how can I forget our family coach cum nutritionist, cum IT guru, cum dietician cum all cums.. Markus Hamann! thanks Marx for creating the awesome banner!

pollution index: 149 (unhealthy for sensitive groups) ~ will I get shot for being so verbal in these?

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