nice relaxing (i hope) day at home with lao beh and i am piling up on my baking list. I wonder how long i can tahan ~ the first “project” was cooking custard as i prepare to make snowskin mooncake today. I can never get enough of custard ~ just cook more, store in fridge and can always use for other bakes… thing is, this big pot of custard has ruin my arm. it’s soooo sore.. whisking a big pot is no joke! done stretching a few times but still useless… kiss kiss armsayang sayang… i give u a few hours to recover

I’d always found the Rubik’s cube a mystery ~ maybe because i never solved it? Invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik, there are 8! (40,320) ways to arrange the corner cubes. Seven can be oriented independently, and the orientation of the eighth depends on the preceding seven, giving 37 (2,187) possibilities. There are 12!/2 (239,500,800) ways to arrange the edges, since an even permutation of the corners implies an even permutation of the edges as well. (When arrangements of centres are also permitted, as described below, the rule is that the combined arrangement of corners, edges, and centres must be an even permutation.) Eleven edges can be flipped independently, with the flip of the twelfth depending on the preceding ones, giving 211 (2,048) possibilities.

 {8! times 3^7 times 12!/2 times 2^{11}} = 43,252,003,274,489,856,000

which is approximately forty-three quintillion!.. wow.. ok.. too confusing for someone who is insensitive to numbers (except for the string of numbers in my bank account)… back to baking.


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