so sick so sick… so sick of always getting this bacteria infection of the throat. 13th July, and now 21 August… this time, my body didnt seem to overcome it like the last. had to go to the doctor.. antibiotics… really hate this.. banned from training again… urggghhhh!!!! but the highlight of the day, was the purchase of IQAir HealthPro 250! finally! yeah!!!! and an IQAir filter for the shower!!!!

baked this on Sunday for the guys… little red bean paste buns shaped like fish.. my 36th birthday was wonderful this year. as usual, an arranged breakfast at my favourite China World Hotel with a mini cake and elaborated table skirtings, a big bouquet of sunflowers and daisies and WMF knife from the coach, a nice cheesecake from the office and an angbao full of blessings, turkey dinner at Astor Grill in St Regis with hubby and markus, my favourite couple Nick and Jaimie and Winston the Garfield… probably my best birthday in many years… am i enjoying more or is it because i am living as a happier person now? i choose to think the latter 😀

Pollution index: 180 (unhealthy)

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